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Silver Plume Cemetery a/k/a Pine Slope Cemetery
(Clear Creek County)
Silver Plume, Colorado USA
The cemetery is located above Silver Plume on the south slope as you exit from Interstate 70.  It is a public cemetery and still in use.  It is in a very hilly and wooded area.  It is divided into five areas: the Independent Order of Red Men (IORM); the Knights of Pythias; the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF); Catholic; and Public.  The oldest tombstone burial date is 1878.  For more information, records and a map showing the location see The Foothills Inquirer, Volumes 8 and 9.  The pictures here included were taken by Gail Seto of Foothills Society and Chaz Hager of the Silver Plume Historical Society.
Silver Plume Coloradoan, Number 9, December 3, 1881
furnished by Chaz Hager, friend of FhGS
Brownville Lodge No. 25, I.O.O.F., has taken steps this week toward securing a burial place for members of their order and their families, by locating a tract of land in the southwestern portion of the town. The tract formerly located by the Order for this purpose was found to be located on patented land, and was therefore abandoned. This is a step in the right direction, and one which we understand, is soon to be supplemented on the part of the town authorities by setting apart an adjoining tract for a city cemetery. We hope also to see the Catholic church make advances in the same direction toward securing a Catholic burial place. All of these are imperatively demanded by the growing wants of our community, and by the great inconvenience and attendant expense in transporting our dead to the cemetery at Alverado. An additional incentive to the prosecution of these enterprises is the convenience it would afford for the friends and relatives of the departed to visit the final resting place of their loved ones.
Memorial of 10 Italians perished in 1899 February Avalanche