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Arvada Cemetery
(Jefferson County)
5581 Independence St.
Arvada, Colorado 80002
(303) 422-5424
Arvada Cemetery was established in 1863.
Volunteers of Foothills Genealogical Society of Colorado copied the tombstone inscriptions of Arvada Cemetery in 1983. Information was copied from tombstones, mortuary markers, other metal markers and foot stones.  The recording of tombstones inscriptions was done row by row, and published that way, to keep family burials more intact than if listed alphabetically.  Volunteers also referred to cemetery records which allowed burials that did not have tombstones to be included in the Foothills publication "Arvada Cemetery, 125 years 1863 - 1988". This publication can still be purchased from Foothills Genealogical Society.
Since 1988 the number of burials practically doubled and the compilation of a second Arvada Cemetery book was deemed necessary.  Again members of the society walked the cemetery row by row to transcribe the added inscriptions.  The new burials were compiled and added to the earlier lists, the new records were added and pictures were taken of each head stone.  The pictures have been added to the Foothills webpage and a new book has been published - Arvada Cemetery - 150 Years.  Please see "Publications for Sale" on our web site.