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Rockland Cemetery
(Jefferson County)
Colorado USA
Historic Rockland Cemetery and Upper Mount Vernon Canyon, which Stephen Engle wrote as part of his Master's thesis in 2014, (available at Denver Public Library) has been consulted and used to update the Foothills transcriptions which were originally done by the Society in the 1980's.  Steve also recently took tombstone pictures and contributed them for our use on this web page.
The Rockland Church and Cemetery became offical December 12, 1879.  The first burial was most likely Mrs. Hartzell. A quote from the book Shinning Mountains by Georgina Brown, page 169, "She was probably the first to be place to rest in the little cemetery." The Golden Globe Newspaper reported Mrs. Abraham Hartzell's burial on January 2, 1880.
Directions: Going west from Lakewood, CO on I-70, take exit #57 (Genesse), then east on Hwy 40. The Cemetery is located at the head of Mt. Vernon Canyon on the south side of old Hwy 40, in the NW 1/2, Sec 18, T7S, R70 W. (24225 Rockland Road, Golden, CO 80401)