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Bear Creek Cemetery; aka Evergreen Cemetery; aka St. Mary's
(Jefferson County)
Hwy 73
Colorado USA
On the 31st day of December 1871 Emma Hester, daughter of J.T. & M.E., died and was buried in Bergen township on the hill near the Bear Creek Wagon Road.  This quiet rocky hillside, now located one half mile northeast of Evergreen Lake on Highway 74 was destined to become the local cemetery.
On 12 Oct 1907, D.P. Wilmot, rancher/farmer, sold for $300 each to Michael Baker and Robert L. Downes, land to be used for cemetery purposes only.  The deed was for an undivided one third interest in and to the SE 1/4 of the SE 1/4 of Sec. 4 in township 5S, Range 71W, now the site of the cemetery.  The deed also included a one third interest for an area in the town of Evergreen to the North of Bear Creek Wagon Road in Sec. 10.
On the 18th of June 1908 Robert L. Downes, Dwight P. Wilmot and Micheal Baker sold for $150 to the Bear Creek Cemeteryt Association of Evergreen, incorporated and organized under the laws of the state of Colorado, 5 March 1908, for a term of 20 years, a parcel of land containing 10 acres more or less, lying in the SE 1/4, SE 1/4 of Sec 4, township 5S, range 71W of the 6th principal meridian.
The Bear Creek Cemetery Association consisted of the three land owners who were the first board of directors.  At the expiration of the charter 5 March 1928, these three men continued acting as Board of Trustees until the death of Mr. Wilmot on 2 December 1935, and Mr. Downes on 26 September 1937.  It is reported that as long as Mr. Wilmot lived an American flag always flew over the graves of the Civil War soldiers.
More information and history about Bear Creek Cemetery is available in the 1992 Foothills Inquirer, Vol. 12, #4, begining on page 92.
Also from the 2016 publication BEAR CREEK CEMETERY BRINGING IT BACK TO LIFE, Evergreen, Jefferson County, Colorado, by Elwood "Woody" Hartman.  It is available from this society for $15.00 plus shipping.  The burials not previously on this site have been added from Mr. Hartmen's fine book of records.  Thank you Woody.
Volenteers of Foothills genealogical society took photographs of most headstones the summer of 2018 which are displayed here.  Thank you Gail Seto and Jerry Sherard