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Beaver Ranch/Foxton/Head Cemetery
(Jefferson County)
South of Conifer,Colorado, West side Highway 285 at Foxton Junction Rd.
John Ellis was the first burial - on land that had been homesteaded by his wife Agnes - died 28 June 1884 at 74 years of age.
Four children of Willard and Christie Head who died of diphtheria are buried here.
These burials from "The Upper Side of the Piecrust" by Margaret Bentley, 1978.
Read by FhGS in 1984
Mark S. states on Find a grave - Robert Wiley  was listed with the Ellia famiy in the 1870 census at age 60
SW 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec. 23, I6s, R71W, 6th PM