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Dumont/Mill City Cemetery
(Clear Creek County)
Dumont, CO USA
The cemetery is located North of I-70 on the west side of the town of Dumont in Clear Creek County on the line of Sections 19 & 30, T3S, R73 W, 6th P.M. Exit I-70 at 235 to Dumont, go west on County Rd 308 past the Post Office, the school and Mill Creek Rd.  Turn on the first rd that goes up the hill.  The cemetery was established in 1864. One must be a resident to be interred there.  The old records were destroyed by fire  in 1876 so the current records are incomplete.  A plaque was mounted at the cemetery by Mr. & Mrs T.F. Lang in 1934 inscribed "In memory of the Pioneers of Clear Creek County"
Included with the records were 4 small loose sheets that contain additional information.  That information is listed as closely as possible in the individual notes of each record as nearly as can be determinded.and is labeled  (LS)
Cemetery gate
In Memory of Pioneers of Clear Creek County, Presented by Mr & Mrs T F Lang, May 30, 1934