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Buckskin Joe/Alma Cemetery
(Park County)
Colorado USA
This is the oldest cemetery on record in Park County, Colorado, also known as Alma-Buckskin Joe cemetery. It is located from CO highway 9 at Alma  up Buckskin Gulch 1 1/2 miles then east c. 1/2 mile (SW 1/2 SE 1/2 S2 T9s R78W)
There are  two separate listings from Foothills Genealogical Society members, Harold and Lenore Warren, Park Co. historians who wrote articles about Park County cemeteries for the The Foothills Inquirer in the 1980's.  Harold commented that this cemetery had apparently been used since the mid 1860's and is still in use.  Many of the metal tags have been placed in the more recent past.  The records compiled in the 1980s show  as many as 70 unmarked grave sites included in the 263 possible buriels.