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Empire Cemetery
(Clear Creek County)
Empire, Colorado USA
Empire Cemetery lies slightly less than one-half mile from the center of Empire, Clear Creek County, Colorado. It is in Township 3, Range 74 west, Section 28 in the Southwest corner.  On the west or approach side is a chain link fence with a gate and stile.  A marker on the gate in 1966 read "In Memory of Margaret M. Sharp/Empire Civic Club, 1941".
'The survey of burials was compiled from (1) the book of lot owners and persons buried compiled by the Empire Conservation Society; (2) Card files, one by lot # and one alphabetical by name; (3) Deeds of conveyance for lots 1913 - 1936; (4) A 1967 survey of stone; (5) A survey map made in 1977; (6) A Foothills Genealogical listing from head stones in 1999; (7) Photos of the tombstones taken by a Foothills member, Gail Seto, in 2010-2011 & 2016, and transcriptions of Daniel Y. Meschter, 1966.