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(Park County)
SE1/45 Sec 34 T9 R77W
Colorado US
From State Hgw 9 on Hgw 285 go .09 miles toward Denver, turn right and go .06 miles.  The cemetery is 260 ft east of 285. Henry Eugene Guiraud possibly set aside the area in 1863.  The cemetery contains as much as 20 acres.  In 1881 5 acres may have been purchased from the Odd Fellows  for $85.00.  There are over 500 headstones and there may be half that many more burials without headstones. A number of Chinese were buried in the cemetery.
Park County Historians Harrold and Lenore Warren did an early inventory and Park County Archives did a much more recent survey and found that there was a 1950 inventory done also that is no longer available.  The Warrens gave FhGS a copy of their work and with additional more recent information from the Park County Archives this list has been compiled.  Each list has additional information.