A Circle of Pioneers-Illustrations Index

Above timberline on Mt. Evans Road 48
Area map giving locations of the sites described 32-33
Beaverbrook Station and pavilion in 1878 49
Buffalo Bill's grave 54
Camp Santa Maria 28
Carl Bacon cabin, Parmalee Gulch, 1906 39
Charles Long family in front of Clifton House 24
Christ of the Rockies statue 29
Church of the Transfiguration (Stewart's Hotel), Evergreen 10
Conifer cemetery 23
Conifer well 20
Crest House and High Altitude Laboratory 47
Crest House on Mt. Evans 44
DeDisse meadow, present site of Evergreen dam and lake 16, 17
Drawing from "The Picture maker of the old West, Wm. H. Jackson" 52
Early Conifer post office, part of Beaver Ranch 22
Eric Douglas playhouse/studio 12
Evergreen in 1922 15
Evergreen in 1923 14
Hazel Mary Long, c. 1918 25
Herzman house, formerly the Everhardt cabin 35
Homestead House of Hiwan 11
Humphrey House in 1956 51
Little white schoolhouse 18
Luther Ranch House, Kittredge 7
Midway House 30
Mother Cabrini Shrine, exterior 57
Mother Cabrini Shrine, interior 58
Mr. & Mrs. Charley Herzman and two sons 36
Mt. Evans 45
Parmalee House, 1959 40
Prosser House, Pine, with Mr. & Mrs. Dale Newbold and daughter Viola 26
Red Rocks Park 4
Simmons family gathering for a wedding, September 1901 37
Sketch of new gymnasium at Colorado School of Mines 63
Sketch of the Colorado School of Mines, late 1800's 61
St. Mark's of the Wilderness Church, Evergreen 9
T.C. Bergen home 42
The Steele House, Mt. Vernon Canyon 59
Town of Morrison, including Mt. Falcon 2