Following the discovery of gold in 1859 in what was to become Clear Creek County, Colorado, fortune seekers flooded into the area in large numbers.  The mining camp of Brownville, or Brownsville as it is sometimes referred to, was established at the mouth of Brown Gulch on the south fork of Clear Creek during the 1870’s about 3 miles west of Georgetown and was central to many mining claims.
            Brownville had a population of several hundred people prior to the founding of Silver Plume in 1870 which adjoined Brownville on the east.  Each had its own school district and school, but Silver Plume became the larger town and principal business place.  Although a post office had been established in Brownville, it was moved to Silver Plume in 1875.
            The Brownville location proved vulnerable to mud slides and more prosperous residents moved to Silver Plume or Georgetown as time passed.  In 1895 Brownville was partially buried from a mud slide down Brown Gulch and although no one was killed, several homes were destroyed and the town was gradually abandoned.
            Brownville had originally been designated voting precinct #4 in Clear Creek County as reflected in these lists of voters in 1872 and 1878.
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