Jefferson County Colorado Marriage Index – 1860–1899
Indexes of Brides and Grooms
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The following indexes were created by comparing the original compilation of marriage records dated 1868 to 1895 published by Janet Pease with the actual paper marriage records in the office of the Clerk and Recorder at the Jefferson County Courthouse.  Marriages from original paper records were added to this index.  Three early marriage records which are filed as indicated on microfilms of land records have been included.  The microfilms of marriage records numbered and lettered as follows were also checked to 1900:
            Book N, September 20, 1868, to 1880
            Book 28, April 7, 1880, to April 19, 1881
            Book A, March 16, 1876, to May 13, 1876
            Book B, May 10, 1881, to October 31, 1895
            Book C, November 3, 1895, to August 5, 1905
Records listed as “not located” represent marriages found only on paper copies and possibly were not filmed.
Please be aware that marriages were not always recorded promptly after the event, and therefore may not be filmed in the order of the marriage date.  The records may include all or part of the following information:  Full names of the bride and groom and their place of residence at the time of the event, where the marriage took place, by whom they were married, the witnesses, and occasionally their ages and names of parents if they were under age.  Beginning around 1883 the record will also show if there had been a previous marriage, stating either widowed or divorced.  A reason for the divorce may sometimes be given.
Janet Pease generously agreed to allow the use of “Jefferson County, Colorado, Marriages, Volume I and II” as a guideline.  The Jefferson County Courthouse is located at Jefferson County Parkway, Golden, Colorado 80419-1567.  Duncan McCollum, director of Records Management, and Mary Amerine and the staff of the County Clerk and Recorder’s office were all most helpful.  Janet Graham and Liz Burdick extracted and Opal Longino input the records to produce this index.
PLEASE NOTE:  This index is a merged list of brides and grooms in alphabetical order.  Therefore, Name 1 will sometimes be a bride and other times a groom.  Each marriage is, therefore, listed twice:  once with the bride in the first column and the second time with the groom in the first column.  This was done to make it easier to search for EVERY marriage for a given surname without switching between separate bride and groom databases.