Jefferson County Marriages - 1860-1899: I's
Index of Brides and Grooms
First Name (Last, First) Second Name (Last, First) Date Book, Page
IRELAND, Capitola TOWNSEND, W.L. 24 Dec, 1884 Book B, p.76
IRELAND, John H. SIDDALL, Essie 26 May, 1892 Book B, p.279
IRVING, Hattie L. CURLISS, George 01 Dec, 1897 Book C,p.83
ISBELL, Emma THACKARA, John W. 13 May, 1876 Book A, p.95
ISPERK, Caroline FISHER, Joseph 02 Sep, 1872 Book N, p.26
ISSACSON, H.M. (Miss)  ROBB, J.W. 27 May, 1872 Book N, p.21
ISSEN, Anders MAUSER, Ellen S. 30 Jun, 1891 Book B, p.243
IVERS, George I. MALABY, Daisy D. 04 Dec, 1897 Book C, p.84
IVOY, Wm. HAMLEY, May 03 Sep, 1882 Book B, p.31
IZETT, Archibold HARVEY, Ellen 17 Jun, 1899 Book C, p.143