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The following school census listings were extracted from copies of the original census books made available by the Jefferson County School District Library and Archives, Jefferson County, Colorado.  These census listings cover School District One, which encompasses the city of Golden, Colorado.  All persons who were between the ages of 6-21 years and were bona fide residents of School District One, Jefferson county, State of Colorado, on the 10th of April for the years 1901-1912 and on the 10th of February for the years 1913-1920 were to be included in the census regardless of whether they were attending school or not.  Blind and deaf mute persons resident in the district between the ages of 4-22 years were to be listed along with the parent/guardian and street of residence.  Names, ages and some but not all streets of residence were listed for the years 1901-1919.  The street of residences is useful to establish family relationships of children with the same surname.
The 1920 census was completely different in that it included along with the name, the place of birth, the date of birth, nativity of parents, school grade last attended, the parent/guardian and the street of residence.  With the valuable genealogical information contained in the 1920 census it was extracted in a different format and not compiled with the years 1911-1919 but is listed separately.  The name, place of birth, date of birth, parent/guardian and street of residence were extracted for the 1920 census.
Age of a person was given as of their last birthday prior to April 10th  in the years 1901 – 1912 and the years 1913 – 1920 the age was given as of their last birthday prior to February 10th.  The spelling of names and correct ages did not appear to be of primary importance on these records.  It is not unusual to see a person’s age remain the same for several years.  The ages and spelling as given on the census are listed in this index, although they are apparently incorrect in some cases.  It would be wise to look for different variations of a name.
The Secretary of the School District for the years 1901-1920, Nellie M Townsend, was responsible for conducting the census.  L.B. Harrison was assigned to take the census in 1901; Bess I. Townsend was assigned in1902 and 1903; however, Nellie M. Townsend is the only person listed for the years 1904 -1920.
Note:  The 1910 census book is missing all surnames beginning with Z.
Foothills Genealogical Society appreciates all the help received from the archives personnel.  Without their assistance this compilation would have been difficult to accomplish.
The original census records are located at Jefferson County School Library and Archives, 13950 West 20th Avenue, P.O. Box 4001, Golden, CO 8040-0001.