1881, 1882, 1885, 1890, 1892 - 1900
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This index was extracted from copies of the original school census books provided by the Jefferson County School Library and Archives, Jefferson County, Colorado, except 1894-1895 school year census book, was provided by the Jefferson County Records Management & Archives.  The census records list District One which encompasses the city of Golden, Colorado.
Names and age of the students are indexed along with a parent/guardian and residence if listed.  The ages and spellings that were given on the census are listed in the index, although they are apparently incorrect in some cases.
The School census records for the following years are included in this index.
1881 is missing all surnames beginning with G.
1882 is missing all surnames beginning with A’s and B’s.
1892-1893 school year
1893-1894 school year
1894-1895 school year
1895-1896 school year
1896-1897 school year
1897-1898 school year
1898-1899 school year
1899-1900 school year
Beginning in 1890 the following instructions are included with the records.
This list (census) must be taken, sworn to and filed with the County Superintendent on or before the First Day of June of the current school year, or the district will forfeit its money for the ensuing year.
Must be a resident of School District One, Golden, Jefferson County on April 10.  Give age at last birthday prior to April 10th
The names of all persons between the age of six and twenty-one years should be included in the census, no matter what may be their physical or mental condition.
Students in a private institution whose parents are non-residents of the district in which such institution is located, should not be included in the census of that district.
The student population is summarized by the number of males and females between the years 6 and 21 years, a total for each gender and an over all total.  The summarization of Deaf Mutes and Blind students by gender between the ages of 4 and 22 years is also included.
Foothills Genealogical Society appreciates all the help received from the archives personnel.  Without their assistance this compilation would have been difficult to accomplish.
The original census record books are located at Jefferson County Public School Library and Archives, 13950 West 20th Avenue, P.O. Box 4001, Golden, CO 80401-0001, except the 1894-1895 school census record book, which is located at Jefferson County Records Management & Archives, 3500 Illinois St., Suite 2350, Golden, CO 80401.