Jefferson County - WPA Project #3584 - History of Golden
Selected articles of genealogical interest have been chosen from the WPA (Works Progress/Project Administration project #3584 for additon to these web pages.  The WPA was part of the New Deal which was established by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1935.  Various projects employed thousands of unemployed Americans during the Depression.  The projects were Federally funded and State administered.  One of the projects, the Federal Writers Project, was a means of helping to preserve our history.
FhGS photocopied, compiled and indexed this local material to make it available for public use.  It consists of over 800 pages.  The original copy, enclosed in wooden covers, is held by the Pioneer Museum of Golden, Colorado.  Twenty copies of this compilation were printed by FhGS and purchased by various libraries and individuals.
Page format and numbering will follow the original WPA layout so the index may be used with these selected articles as well as with the printed copies.
Selected material from pages 1-389
Selected material from pages 472-819
Selected material from pages 820-861
Appendix of Births not included in text from 1911-1912
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