Subject Index
1981-1990 Foothills Inquirer
Issues 1-16, Volumes 5 - 10
PLEASE NOTE: Early issues of the Foothills Inquirer were a combination newsletter and research quarterly, and were numbered by issue, 1 through 16.  Beginning in 1985 they were separated, and that years quarterly became Volume V, with issues 1, 2, 3 and 4. Issues 1 through 16 - the index lists the year, followed by issue number, followed by the page number. i.e 1981#3:7 indicates year 1981, issue 3, page 7. Volumes V through Volume X - the index lists the Volume, followed by the page number. i.e. V6:24 indicates Volume 6, page 24.

Subject Year#Issue(s):Page(s) Volume(s):Page(s)
A Bedwell Family, book review 1984#16:11  
A Bit of Genealogical Humor-Poems and Prose   V9:53
A Christmas Incident-Poems and Prose 1981#1:7  
A Family Tradition Proved-Research Aid   V6:66
A Look at Pioneer Life-Poems and Prose   V8:5
A.L Stephens Company Time Books, Clear Creek County   V6:3
Ad Infinitum-Poems and Prose 1984#16:29  
Addington Query   V10:110
Adoption Records Policies-Research Aid   V5:25
Aikman Query 1983#10:10  
Alabama First Family Certificate   V5:34
Aldrich Family 1983#11:7  
Alexander Query   V5:29
All I Want for Christmas-Poems and Prose   V6:96
All-Ireland Heritage, book review   V5:22
Alma, Park County   V10:44
Alvarado Cemetery   V6:72
Ames Query   V8:30
Ancestor, How Did You Feel?-Poems and Prose 1984#15:23  
Ancestors-Poems and Prose 1981#1:5  
Anderson Family Association 1983#10:6  
Andres Query 1984#16:29  
Andrews Family  1983#9:5  
Angle Query   V9:53
Annals of Clear Creek County   V6:38, 79, 99, V7:13, 52, V10:40, 84, 96
Arapahoe County 1860 Federal Census-Golden City   V10:32, 79, 102
Archer Family Association 1983#10:6  
Area Libraries-Research Aid 1984#14:4  
Armstrong Query   V8:30
Askins Query   V8:30
Atwell Query   V8:30
Ayres Query   V8:30
Baptist Church Records in Virginia 1983#9:6  
Barnwell Family Bible Record   V6:28
Bartlett Query   V9:53
Barton Query   V10:90
Bassett Query   V6:29
Beadle Query 1981#4:10  
Bedel Query 1981#4:10  
Bedell Query 1981#4:10  
Belden Query   V8:30
Bell Family 1983#11:7  
Belvillle Family Reunion 1984#16:28  
Benedict Query   V10:110
Benson Query 1983#9:10  
Berrian Family Bible Record    V5:81
Berthoud Family Bible Record   V5:44, 81
Billinghurst Query   V10:30
Binckley Query   V5:102
Bird Query   V5:29
Bisant, Catherine Lansden   V8:12
Bissell Query   V10:110
Black Genealogy-Research Aid 1984#15:11  
Black Hawk Company “D”, 1st Regiment   V9:32
Black Hawk Directory, 1871   V9:44
Black Hawk Mayors and Clerks 1864-1920   V9:49
Black Hawk McKenney’s Business Directory   V9:48
Black Hawk Records   V9:41
Black Hawk Rocky Mountain Directory and Colorado Gazetteer, 1871   V9:42
Black Hawk School Warrants, 1876-1877   V9:39
Black Hawk Three Early Marriages   V10:19
Blackwell Family Newsletter   V5:9
Blair Query   V8:53
Blaricom Query 1984#14:23  
BLM Records   V6:72
Blue Query 1984#14:23  
Bogardus and  Brower Family 1984#16:28  
Bond Family Bible Record   V10:20
Bonebrake Query 1982#6:4  
Boston Company Minutes Book   V7:36
Bowen Query   V8:89
Bowers Query 1982#7:9  
Boyers Family Association   V5:9
Boyle Query   V7:88
Bradley Query 1983#9:10  
Breaking Down a Name 1983#12:4  
Breedlove Query 1983#9:10 V10:90
Brengle Family Branches 1984#13:6  
Brewer Query   V9:53
Briggs Query   V10:90
Brimmer Query   V6:92
Brooks Family Historical Society 1983#9:6  
Brown Bible Record   V6:28
Brown Query   V5:102
Brownville School Census, 1890-1891   V8:38
Broxton Query   V5:102
Bryan Query   V10:30
Bryant Query 1981#4:10  
Buchanan Clan   V5:9
Buffalo Beginning and Through the Years, book review   V5:71
Buffalo Park Cemetery   V5:63
Buffalo Springs Cemetery   V10:74
Bunker Family Association 1984#15:21  
Burleson Family Association 1983#9:6  
Burt Query   V6:29
Bussell Query   V8:89
Butt Query   V8:89
Butterworth Query   V6:29
Butts Query   V8:89
Byers Query 1981#2:9, 1982#8:5  
BYU Degree for “Roots” Searching 1982#7:4  
California Pioneer Family Certificate   V5:34
Campbell Query   V10:110
Carlsen Query 1981#2:9  
Carmichael Query   V10:90
Carson Query   V10:90
Casto Family   V7:62
Cemetery Associations-Research Aid   V5:64
Cemetery Records-Gleanings from Park County 1984#16:19 V5:21, 59, 85, 101, V6:17, 97, V7:19
Census Research Tips 1984#14:17  
Central City IOOF Cemetery   V9:69
Chamberlain Query 1984#14:23  
Chambers Family  1982:8:5  
Chappell Query   V10:90
Charter Query   V8:53
Cheesman Query   V10:90
Cherokee Blood 1984#13:6  
Chrisman Query 1982#7:9  
Christmas 1859, Poems and Prose   V7:92
Cladbourne Family 1984#15:21  
Clark Clarion Quarterly   V5:9
Clark Query   V8:30
Clear Creek County Colorado Illustrated Business Directory   V6:69
Clear Creek County Colorado Legislative Member's Bios 1877   V8:68
Clear Creek County Hotels and Boarding Houses, 1903   V8:73
Clear Creek County Marriages 1876-1924   V10:40, 84, 96
Clear Creek County McKenney’s Business Directory, 1882   V6:67
Clear Creek County Name Settlements   V8:32
Clear Creek County One Hundred Years Ago   V8:2
Clear Creek County Records at Colorado Archives   V6:13
Clear Creek County Report of the Poor 1909-1910   V8:7
Clear Creek County Rocky Mountain Directory and Colorado Gazetteer, 1871 V6:7
Clear Creek County, Annals of   V6:38, 79, 99, V7:13, 52, V10:40, 84, 96
Clinton Family in Colorado   V9:51
Code of Ethics-Poems and Prose   V5:26
Coe Query   V10:30
Cole Query   V8:89
Colorado Book Indices for Sale   V7:89
Colorado Census 1870-1885 1981#4:2  
Colorado Death Certificate 1983#11:4  
Colorado Family Recognition Certificate 1983#11:2 V6:118
Colorado Funerals by Robert Lee Henry   V6:23, 53
Colorado Gold Diggins, 1859-1862 Marriages   V7:6
Colorado Illustrated Business Directory Clear Creek County   V6:69
Colorado Illustrated Business Directory Gilpin County   V9:18
Colorado Illustrated Business Directory Jefferson County   V7:42
Colorado Illustrated Business Directory Park County   V8:50
Colorado Legislative Member's Bios 1877, Clear Creek, Jefferson and Park Counties V8:68
Colorado Miner, Newspaper Article   V6:64
Colorado Records Confidentiality   V6:101
Colorado School of Mines 1883-1907   V10:92
Colorado State Industrial School 1881-1900   V5:37
Colorado State Industrial School 1885 Census Records   V5:39
Colorado State Industrial School 1900 Census Records   V5:41
Colorado Transcript, Newspaper Article   V5:36
Colorado Weddings by Robert Lee Henry   V8:19
Colton Query   V8:30
Como Cemetery   V6:17
Computer Ideas   V5:70
Conrey Clan 1983#11:7  
Copperdale Registered Letters, Jefferson County    V8:42
Cornell Query   V8:89
Courson Family 1983#11:7  
Courtright Query 1981#4:10  
Cousin Relationships 1984#16:11  
Cox Query   V8:89
Crawford Family 1983#11:7  
Creed-Poems and Prose   V7:43
Crosley Family Association 1983#11:8  
Crosson and Vance Cemetery   V8:4, 5
Cunningham Query   V8:30
Curtis, George H. Family History   V8:26
Darrow Query   V8:30
Davis Family Bible Record   V5:81, 107
Davis Query 1983#9:10, 1984#14:23 V7:88, V9:30, V10:110
Dawes County Nebraska  Families 1984#15:21  
Dawes Family Newsletter 1984#16:28  
Dawson Bible Record   V6:28
Dean and Creech Family of America 1984#15:21  
Deere Query 1984#14:23  
DeGarmo Query   V8:89
Delbridge Query   V8:89
Denver Public Library Genealogy Department Resources 1981#2:5, 1984#13:9  
Dibble Query   V10:30
Dickeman Query   V8:89
Did You Know?   V7:26
Dinwiddie Query   V10:30
Divorce Is Not New   V8:27
Divorce Records in Colorado-Research Aid   V5:87
Doherty Family  1982#6:4  
Dougherty Query 1981#4:10  
DuBois Family 1984#16:28  
Dudley and Robinson Cemetery Inscriptions 1984#16:16  
Dudley Family, Index History of 1984#16:15  
Dudley, Clara A., Grave of   V9:102
Dudley’s Homestead Certificate and Tax Records 1984#16:14  
Dumont Cemetery   V6:10, 32
Durarte Family Reunion 1984#15:21  
Dwelly Family  1982#6:4  
Early Births in Jefferson County 1873-1914, Newspaper Article   V7:77
Eaton Query   V8:53
Edgewater’s Golden Anniversary   V8:74
Eisen Query   V10:110
Ekwall, Ernest and Hattie Hill   V8:18
Elder Family News 1984#16:28  
Eldridge Family, Profile of 1984#16:13  
Elledge Query 1984#14:8  
Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty   V5:3
Ely Heritage Newsletter 1984#14:8  
Emery Family Association 1983#10:6  
English and Irish Research   V5:89
English Parish Registers 1981#2:4, #3:5, #4:4  
Estabrooke Park County   V10:46
Ethnic Search Groups 1983#11:12, #12:7  
Evans Query   V7:88
Everett and Rogers Bible Record   V5:81
Everett Query   V8:89
Fairplay Park County   V10:46
Fales Family Bulletin 1984#15:21  
Family Group Sheets Tip 1984#14:21  
Family History Questionnaire   V7:93
Family Recogniton Program 1984#15:7  
Farmer’s Last Will and Testament-Poems and Prose   V6:26
Federal Archives and Record Center-Research Aid 1984#14:6, #15:7  
Fehr/LaFehr Family in Alsace   V9:28
Fenton Family 1983#11:7  
Ferguson Query   V8:53
FhGS Genealogical Reference Books 1981#3:6, 1982#6:12, #7:7, #8:4  
FhGS Inquirer Subject Index   V5:120, V6:117, V7:110, V8:109, V9:119, V10:123
FhGS Inquirer Surname Index   V5:110, V6:105, V7:30, 111, V8:110, V9:80, 110, V10:111
FhGS Newsletter Contents for Issues 1-12 1984#14:24  
Fifield Query   V10:110
Finding Date of Birth When Age and Death Date Is Known   V6:30
First Flag of Gilpin County   V9:52
Fishback Query   V5:29
Fletcher Query   V9:30
Flume Extract, 1892 Newspaper Article   V8:42
Foley Query   V8:30
Fonda Query 1983#10:10  
Foreign Mailings 1984#13:5  
Forguson Query 1984#14:23  
Foster Query 1981#2:9, 1984#14:23  
Fouler Query   V6:29
Fountain Query 1981#4:10  
Fredereck Forerunners 1984#13:6  
Friend Family Association 1984#15:21  
From Oxen to Jet Planes Index   V5:62, 103
Funk Query   V8:30
Gaddis Query   V5:29
Gahan Query 1983#9:11  
Gaines Query 1983#9:10, 1984#13:11  
Galemore Bible Record   V6:28
Galesburg Bible Record 1984#16:17  
Galloway Family Bible Record   V9:106
Gardner Family 1983#11:7  
Garver Query 1984#14:23  
Gault Query   V9:53
Gaylord Query   V8:30
Genealogical Beatitudes-Poems and Prose   V6:53
Genealogical Terms   V8:51, 91
Georgetown Cemetery   V6:34, 72
Georgetown Deaths   V6:81, 99, V7:13, 52
Georgetown, Incorporation of   V6:17
Germany, Trip to 1984#16:26  
Gilpin County Colorado Illustrated Business Directory   V9:18
Gilpin County Photographers   V7:102
Gilpin County Post Offices   V8:42
Gilpin County Records at Colorado Archives   V7:71
Gingerich Query   V10:110
Gleanings from Park County, Cemetery Records 1984#16:19 V5:21, 59, 85, 101, V6:17, 97, V7:19
Glimpses of Early Golden, book review   V6:43
Golden City 1860 Federal Census   V10:32, 79, 102
Golden City Grows 1859 ‘Western Mountaineer’   V8:10
Golden City Officials, 1871-1910   V7:74
Golden First Baptist Church   V10:2
Golden Globe Dec. 1879 Newspaper Article   V5:104
Golden Globe Jan 1, 1881 Newspaper Article   V5:20
Golden High School 1891 Graduation   V5:73
Golden High School 1892 Graduation   V5:74
Golden in the Early Years of this Century   V8:79
Golden Liberty Bell   V5:76
Golden Lodges, 1905   V9:6
Golden Miscellaneous News   V5:86
Golden People at Frisco’s Fall   V10:39
Golden Saloon and Dog Licenses   V5:88
Golden School Roster, May 14, 1881   V5:72
Gore Query   V8:53
Goss Query   V7:49
Graham Query 1981#2:9  
Grand Army of the Republic   V7:8
Grand Army of the Republic, T.H. Dodd Post #3 Roster of Members   V5:7
Grandmother’s Quilt-Poems and Prose   V5:26
Green Family 1983#11:7  
Green Query   V7:88
Greene Query   V10:90
Gregory Query   V9:30
Grigsby Family Association   V5:9
Guide to the Georgetown, Silver Plume Historic District, book review   V6:98
Guthrie Query   V8:53
H.H. Bancroft’s History of Gilpin County   V9:62
H.H. Bancroft’s History of Park County   V10:95
Hackenberry Query   V9:30
Hall Query 1984#13:11 V8:53
Haney Query   V8:89
Happy Birthday-I Am the Nation-Poems and Prose 1981#3:10  
Harris House   V5:9
Harris Query   V8:30, V10:90
Harrison Family Association 1983#11:8  
Harvey Baptism Certificate    V7:47
Hayes Family Association 1983#11:8  
Hazelton Family 1984#16:28  
Headless Horseman of Geneva Gulch-Park County 1984#16:18  
Heinly Query   V10:90
Hellems Query 1983#10:10  
Heller Family Association 1983#11:8  
Helms Query 1983#10:10  
Henry Query 1982#5:4, #8:5, 1984#13:11  
Henry, Robert Lee   V5:23
Henry, Robert Lee Colorado Funerals by   V6:23, 53
Henry, Robert Lee Colorado Weddings by   V8:19
Hikes Query 1984#13:11  
Hill Query 1983#9:10  
Hill, Hattie and Ernest Ekwall   V8:18
Historical Souvenir of Central City, Colorado, book review   V7:70
Historical Souvenir of Central City, Colorado Index   V8:43
History and Genealogy of the Johnson Family, book review   V8:108
History of Clear Creek and Boulder Valley, Biographical Index   V7:46. 47
History of Clear Creek County   V6:43
History of the State of Colorado-Jefferson County Subject and Name Index V8:80
Holbert Query 1984#14:23  
Holley Query 1984#15:24  
Hollingsworth Photographer Files 1984#13:5, #14:3  
Hopkins Query 1983#9:11  
Horning Query 1984#14:23  
Horstmann, A.H.J. Mrs.-Interview    V6:4
Horstmann, Georgia L. Chapman-Interview   V6:4
Hoskinson Query   V5:102
Hotels and Boarding Houses, Clear Creek, Jefferson and Park Counties 1903 V8:73
Howe Query   V10:110
Howe-Koenig Bible Record   V7:41
Howell Query   V7:48
Hudnall Family News   V5:9
Hudson Query 1984#15:24  
I Think I Hear a Woodpecker Knocking at My Family Tree-song   V7:27
Idaho Springs, book review   V6:8
Illinois Pioneer Certificate 1983#11:3  
Illinois Regional Archives Depository 1984#15:13  
Illinois State Archives 1984#14:8  
Illustrated Golden and Vicinity    V7:32
Immigrant Letter of Intent 1981#4:4  
Immigration Records-Research Aid 1984#15:8  
Index to Biographical Sketches for Clear Creek County   V6:35
Index to From Oxen to Jet Planes   V5:62, 103
Index to Historical Souvenir of Central City, Colorado    V8:43
Index to History of Clear Creek and Boulder Valley-Biographical Index   V7:46. 47
Index to History of the State of Colorado-Jefferson County Subject and Names V8:80
Index to Jefferson County Civil Docket of Plaintiffs and Defendants 1894-1905 V10:26
Index to Jefferson County Coroner Records 1892-1907 1984#15:14  
Index to Jefferson County Crimial Docket Plaintiffs and Defendants 1894-1905 V10:48
Index to Mountain Memories 1984#14:18  
Ingraham Bible Record   V6:104
Innocent Enthusiasm-Poems and Prose   V7:76
IOOF Cemetery-Central City   V9:69
Iowa Pioneer Certificate 1982#8:5  
Irish Ancestral Research Association 1984#16:29  
Jackson Journal   V5:9
Jefferson County Births, 1873-1914   V7:77, 102
Jefferson County Bits and Pieces   V6:19
Jefferson County Boston Company Minutes Book   V7:32
Jefferson County Buffalo Park Cemetery   V5:63
Jefferson County Civil Docket-Index to Plaintiffs and Defendants 1894-1905 V10:26
Jefferson County Civil War Pensioners   V5:18
Jefferson County Colorado Illustrated Business Directory   V7:42
Jefferson County Colorado Legislative Member's Bios 1877   V8:68
Jefferson County Company “A” 115th Engineers   V5:19
Jefferson County Coroner Records 1892-1907, Index of 1984#15:14  
Jefferson County Criminal Docket-Index to Plaintiffs and Defendants 1894-1905 V10:48
Jefferson County Delinquent Tax List, 1873   V9:10, 60
Jefferson County Hotels and Boarding Houses, 1903   V8:73
Jefferson County Justice Docket, Vasques Precinct #2   V8:13
Jefferson County Land Records    V5:33, V8:48
Jefferson County Marriage Records 1868-1881 1981#3:7, #4:6, 1982#5:5, #8:6 V8:46
Jefferson County Marriage Records 1881-1895 Vol. II   V5:57, 83, 98, V6:21, 45, 85, 102, V7:24, 50, 75
Jefferson County Marriages by Justice of Peace 1900-1909   V9:92, V10:15
Jefferson County Muster Roll of “D” Company   V5:10
Jefferson County Obituaries-WPA Records   V9:97, V10:6
Jefferson County Photographers   V7:102
Jefferson County Poor Records 1984#15:12  
Jefferson County Post Offices   V8:42
Jefferson County Records at Colorado Archives   V7:44
Jefferson County Residents Master File   V6:49, V7:97, V9:14
Jefferson County Sheriffs   V7:73
Jefferson County Sheriffs Dept. 1859-1984, book review   V7:73
Jefferson County Taxpayers 1881   V9:7
Jefferson County Witness Certificates, 1902-1917   V10:76, 98
Jefferson County WPA Obituary Records   V9:97, V10:6
Jennings Query   V10:90
Jeremy Query   V8:53
Joensson Query   V7:48
Joerger Query   V6:92
Joerger/Yeager Family History   V7:72
Johnston Query 1983#9:10  
Jones Query 1984#13:11, #14:23 V5:29, V8:53, V10:30
Judson Family Bible Record   V5:81
Judson Query 1984#14:23  
Keeper of the House-Poems and Prose 1984#16:28  
Keith Kinfolks, Descendants of James Keith, Sr., book review   V5:25
Kellar Query 1984#13:11  
Kentucky Newspapers   V5:56
Kentucky Pioneer Society 1983#9:9  
Key Query 1982#5:4, #8:5, 1984#13:11  
King Kollection   V5:9
Kinnison Query   V6:29
Kirby Query   V9:30
Kirwin Query   V7:48
Kitto Query   V6:92
Klein Query 1984#14:23  
Kneisley Query 1984#14:23  
Knight Family Association 1983#11:8  
Knowles Query 1981#4:10  
Koenig Family in Switzerland and America, book review   V7:40
Koenig Query   V7:88
Kutz-Dockeray Family Bible Record   V8:88
Lafary Query 1982#8:5  
Lafever Query 1981#2:9  
Lake, Seth   V5:43
Lakewood Library Genealogical Material   V5:27
Lampshire Query   V10:90
Land Query 1983#9:11  
Lane Family Bible Record   V8:29
Langton Query   V8:53
Larkin Family History Society 1984#14:8  
Lavender Family 1983#11:7  
Leach  Query 1984#16:29 V8:89
Leap Query 1981#2:9  
Lee Family of Wheat Ridge   V8:98
Lee-Winchester-Paul Bible Record   V8:102
Legal Terms   V6:91
Lence/Lentz Bible Record   V6:28
Leslie, Pearl Son Obituary   V8:40
Letters to Mrs. Ardery, Jettmore, KS, 1886   V8:9
Levi Query   V5:89
Lewis Links   V5:9
Lewis Query 1983#10:10  V5:29, V7:48
Libby Query   V6:29
Lilly Query   V6:29
Linguistics   V10:28, 89, 110
Linquistics Dictionary, Family Relationships   V10:53
Linquistics Dictionary, German Genealogical Terms   V9:79, 104
Linquistics Dictionary, German Occupational Names   V9:16
Linquistics Dictionary, German Relationships   V9:50
List of Wars   V5:17
Little Chapel in the Hills   V5:63
Littleton Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions, book 1984#16:7  
Livesay/Lifsey/Livasy/Livasey Families 1984#15:21  
Localities Being Researched by FhGS Members  1981#6:9, 1984#14:12 V5:49
Loring Query   V8:89, V9:30
Louisiana Ascension Parish 1890 Census, book 1984#15:20  
Loving Family   1982#8:5  
Lowe Family 1983#11:7  
Lunceford Query   V7:88
Lunstrom Bible Record 1984#16:17  
MacDuff Clan 1983#10:6  
Malcolm Query   V9:53
Map Sources 1983#11:11  
Marley Query   V10:110
Marriage Records 1868-1881, Jefferson County 1981#3:7,#4:6, 1982#5:5, #8:6 V8:46
Marriage Records 1876-1924, Clear Creek County   V10:40, 84, 96
Marriage Records 1881-1895 Vol. II, Jefferson County   V5:57, 83, 98, V6:21, 45, 85, 102, V7:24, 50, 75
Marriages by Justice of Peace, 1900-1909, Jefferson County   V9:92, V10:15
Marriages Colorado Gold Diggins 1859-1862   V7:6
Marshall Query 1981#4:10  
Mason Query   V9:30
Masonic Monument Clear Creek County   V7:69
Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants 1984#16:29  
Massachusetts Vital Records Update 1984#15:23  
Matthews Query   V8:89
Mayors and Clerks of Black Hawk   V9:49
Mayors of Idaho Springs   V6:9
McCormick Bible Record   V9:73
McCormick Family, Capt. Andrew   V9:73
McDonald Query   V9:53
McElroy Query 1983#9:11  
McGowan Query   V9:30
McHugh Query   V7:48
McIntosh-Smith-Smith-Glenn Gazette 1983#9:6 V5:22
McKenney’s Business Directory,  Black Hawk   V9:48
McKenney’s Business Directory, 1882 Jefferson County   V6:67
McKenney's Business Directory, 1882 Clear Creek County   V6:67
Mellinger Query 1984#14:23  
Mennonite Family History   V5:70
Methodist Church Records, North Carolina 1983#9:6  
Meyer Query   V6:92
Mid-Atlantic German Society 1983#10:6  
Miles Family   1982#6:4  
Miles Query 1981#4:10  
Military Land Warrants in Missouri 1819, book review   V10:52
Miller Family 1983#11:7  
Miller Query 1983#9:11  
Mineral Belt, book review   V6:43
Minnesota Historical Society   V5:56
Minton Query 1981#4:10  
Missing Burial   V10:29
Missouri Historical Society 1984#14:8  
Missouri Query Column 1983#9:6  
Morrell Query   V5:89, V6:29
Morrissey Query   V8:30, V8:53
Mountain Memoirs, Index of 1984#14:18  
Mt. Vernon Town   V7:67
Murphy, Patrick Naturalization Papers of   V5:5
N.E. Wisconsin Jean Nicolet Certificate 1984#14:8  
Name Settlements of Clear Creek County   V8:32
Names, History and Heroes   V10:43
Naming Patterns   V5:43, 93
Naturalization Papers of Patrick Murphy   V5:5
Naturalization Records   V5:109
Naturalization Records-Reseach Aid   V5:109, V7:74
Nebraska Pioneer Certificate 1983#9:9  
Nedderman and Abegglen Family Reunion 1984#15:21  
Needham-Hearn-Williams-Greene Families Bible Record   V10:107
New Jersey, Descendants of Founders 1983#12:7  
New York Tips 1984#13:5  
Newbern Query   V5:102
Newburn Query   V5:102
Newman Query 1984#13:11  
Newspaper Articles   V5:20, 35, 36, 104, V6:64, V7:77, 83, V8:42, 77
Nickerson Bible Record   V6:28
Niwot and Spruce Counties?   V8:62
North Carolina & Georgia Trip 1984#16:26  
North Carolina Methodist Church Records 1983#9:6  
Northup Query   V10:110
Norwegian Research   V5:26
Nowland Query   V8:30
Nowles Query 1981#4:10  
Nunn Query   V5:29
O’Briant Query   V9:53
O’Dochartaigh Family Reunion 1982#6:4  
O’Mara Query 1983#9:10  
O’Mera Query 1983#9:10  
Obituaries, Jefferson County WPA Records   V9:97, V10:6
Obituaries, Passing of the Pioneer   V9:2
Obituary, Leslie, Pearl Son   V8:40
Ohio First Families 1983#12:7  
Ohio News 1984#14:24  
Olmstead Query 1981#4:10  
One Hundred Years Ago, Clear Creek County   V8:2
Ostrander Family Association 1984#14:8  
Our Family Roots-Poems and Prose 1982#8:8  
Our French-Canadian Ancestors, book review   V5:25
Our French-Canadian Ancestors, Vol. II, book review   V5:101
Overholt Query   V6:29
Pace Society of America 1984#15:21  
Paine Query   V8:89
Paine-Switzer Family Bible Record   V9:25
Palmer Query 1983#10:10  
Palmer, Robert G. Family History   V7:2
Pangburn Letter 1984#13:6  
Park County Bits and Pieces   V6:19
Park County Buffalo Springs Cemetery   V10:74
Park County Cemetery Records, Gleanings from 1984#16:19 V5:21, 59, 85, 101, V6:97, V7:19
Park County Colorado Illustrated Business Directory   V8:50
Park County Colorado Legislative Member's Bios 1877   V8:68
Park County Coroners Reports, 1873-1902   V8:17
Park County Hotels and Boarding Houses, 1903   V8:73
Park County Photograhphers   V7:102
Park County Post Offices   V8:42
Park County Rocky Mountain Directory and Colorado Gazetteer 1871   V9:22
Parker Query   V8:89
Parmelee, John D.   V6:95
Passports 1984#15:8  
Paul-Winchester-Lee Bible Record   V8:102
Payne Query   V8:89
Pennsylvania County and Regional Histories and Atlases, book review   V5:22
Pennsylvania Maps 1983#9:5  
Perry Query   V10:90
Perryman Query   V9:53
Photo Preservation 1983#12:7  
Photographers of Clear Creek, Gilpin, Jefferson and Park Counties   V7:102
Pine Slope Cemetery or Silver Plume Cemetery   V8:83
Pioneer Transportation System    V8:107
Pioneer Woman, Kansas Frontier, book review 1983#11:3  
Pitiful Pedigree-Poems and Prose   V7:43
Poem on Genealogy Research   V7:7
Poland Query   V9:53
Poor Records Jefferson County 1984#15:12  
Poorman Query 1984#14:23  
Porter Plan 1984#16:28  
Porter Query 1982#8:5, 1983#9:11 V9:53
Post Offices of Clear Creek County   V8:42
Post Offices of Gilpin County   V8:42
Post Offices of Jefferson County   V8:42
Post Offices of Park County   V8:42
Pote Bible Record   V6:90
Power Query   V8:30
Presbyterian Church Records, Virginia 1983#9:6  
Price Query   V8:89
Pross Query   V8:53
Pulliam Query   V10:90
Puritan Village-The Formation of a New England Town, book review   V5:22
Pursell Family 1984#15:21  
Query Index Localities 1981-1983 1984#13:10  
Query Index Surname 1981-1983 1984#13:11  
Questions & Answers-Poems and Prose   V8:51
Quigley Family Bible Record   V8:28
Quinby Query   V8:30
Quirk Query   V8:53
Quirke Query   V8:53
Ralston Query 1984#14:23  
Ramer Query 1982#7:9  
Randall, Jesse Summers   V6:36
Rebel Yell, The 1984#15:10  
Rector Query   V5:29
Redding Family 1983#9:6  
Redpath Query   V10:90
Reep Family Association 1984#15:21  
Reploge Family 1984#14:8  
Report of the Poor 1909-1910, Clear Creek County   V8:7
Research, 101 Years Ago 1983#12:9  
Rev. War Pension/Bounty Land Warrant Index-Microfilm Roll M804-Research Aid V5:2
Reynolds Family Association 1984#16:28  
Reynolds-Curry Record 1983#10:6  
Rhind Query   V5:102, V8:53, V10:90
Rhodes Query   V9:53
Rich Family Association 1984#16:28  
Riddle Query 1982#8:5  
Riley Family Association 1983#11:8  
Riley Query 1981#2:9  
Robb Query   V6:92
Roberts Family Register 1983#9:6  
Roberts Query 1981#4:10 V7:88, V10:30,110
Robinson and Dudley Cemetery Inscriptions 1984#16:16  
Robinson Query 1981#2:9 V5:29
Robison Query   V5:29
Robson Query   V5:29
Rock Family History 1807-1969, From Ireland to the USA, book review   V5:100
Rockland Cemetery Baptism Records 1984#16:21  
Rockland Cemetery Inscriptions and Records 1984#16:22  
Rockland Church and Cemetery, History of 1984#16:20  
Rockland Church, History of 1984#16:20  
Rocky Mountain Directory and Colorado Gazetteer 1871 Black Hawk   V9:42
Rocky Mountain Directory and Colorado Gazetteer 1871 Clear Creek County V6:7
Rocky Mountain Directory and Colorado Gazetteer 1871 Park County   V9:22
Rocky Mountain Gold Regions-Central City   V9:103
Rocky Mountain Reveille Extracts, Newspaper Article   V8:77
Rogers Query 1981#4:10 V5:102
Root Query   V8:30
Rose Family Association 1984#14:8  
Ross Query 1981#4:10 V8:30
Roth Bible Record   V6:28
Rugg Bible Record 1984#16:24  
Rugg Family of Jefferson County 1984#16:25  
Rummel Query   V7:48
Sandlin Family Bible Record   V8:52
Sandlin Query   V8:89
Sandy Query 1981#2:9  
Sartain Query 1981#4:10 V5:102
Savage Family Association 1983#11:8  
Scandinavia Research 1982#7:4  
Scharpf Query 1984#16:29  
Scheibe-Ships-Shive Family 1983#11:7  
Schneider Family of Evergreen   V10:62
Schneider Family of Evergreen   V10:62
School Census, Brownville 1890-1891   V8:38
School Warrants, Black Hawk   V9:39
Scott Query   V6:29
Scruggs Query   V6:29
Seals Query 1984#13:11  
Septs of Clan Gun 1981#2:4  
Shannon Family 1983#9:5  
Sheriffs of Jefferson County   V7:73
Shirley Query 1981#4:10  
Shroyer Query 1982#6:4  
Signs and Symbols   V7:98
Silver Plume Cemetery/Pine Slope Cemetery   V8:83, V9:20
Silver Plume Records   V8:34
Silver Springs Cemetery   V6:44
Silver State Record Abstracts-Newspaper Article   V7:83
Simms-Gjellum Bible Record 1984#16:25  
Slade Query   V5:102, V8:53, V10:90
Slipcases   V5:10
Smidey-Williams Bible Record   V7:87
Smith Query   V6:29, V8:30, V9:53
Snyder/Snider/Schneider Family 1982#7:5  
South Carolina Resources 1983#11:9  
South Golden School, 1902   V8:41
Span Query   V5:29
Spencer Family Association 1983#11:8  
Spencer Query   V5:89
Sprecher Bible Record   V6:27
Stahl Query   V10:90
Standish Lineage Organization 1984#16:28  
Steffens Family Association   V5:9
Stephens, A.L. Company Time Books, Clear Creek County   V6:3
Sterling Query   V5:102
Stevens Query 1984#14:23  
Stickler Query 1984#14:23  
Story of the Holly Sprig-Poems and Prose   V9:120
Streeter Query 1983#9:11  
Stults-Shunk Family Records   V7:85
Summers Query   V5:102
Surname and Locality Cards 1981#2:3  
Surnames Being Researched by FhGS Members 1981#6:8, 1984#13:11, #14:9 V5:45, V6:54, V7:55, V8:54, V9:54, V10:55
Swearingen Query   V8:30
Swedish Research 1983#11:7  
Symbols and Signs   V7:98
Table of Measures-Poems and Prose   V7:86
Tate Query   V9:53
Taxpayers-1881 Jefferson County   V9:7
Taylor Family 1983#11:7  
Taylor Query 1983#10:10  
Teachers Normal Institute   V5:75
Teachers Rules 1915   V8:40
Telephone Service in Denver 1984#16:12  
Teller County 1984#13:5  
Tembey Bible Record   V6:90
Temme Family Reunion 1984#13:6  
Terry Family 1983#11:7, 1984#16:28  
Texas Ancestors Index, book review   V10:52
Texas Marriage License 1983#12:9  
The 19th Century Golden,  book review   V8:12
The Book of Ancient Lights, book review   V10:29
The Land Persists-The History of White Ranch Park, book review   V10:23
Thomas Bible Record   V6:28
Thompson Query   V10:30
Thorn Query 1984#16:30  
Three Early Marriages Gilpin County   V10:19
Throgmorton Bible Record   V6:28
Till Query 1981#4:10 V5:102, V8:89, V10:110
Tillman Query 1984#16:29  
Titus Query   V10:90
Todd Family 1984#13:6, #16:28  
Tracing the Poor and Unfortunate 1984#14:7  
Travers Query 1983#9:10  
Traverse Query 1983#9:10  
Travis Query 1983#9:10  
Turley Family Association 1984#16:28  
Turner Query 1981#4:10  
Tussey Family 1983#11:7  
Tyler’s Rangers    
Valentine Query    
Van Amburgh Bible Record    
Vance and Crosson Cemetery    
Vanderpool Family 1983#11:7  
VanDeusen Query 1984#16:29  
VanValkenburg Query 1983#10:10  
Vaughn Query   V7:88, V10:110
Vawlrer/Vauter/Vauhter Family Association 1984#15:21  
Vawter/Vauter/Vaugher Family 1983#11:8  
Veale Query   V8:30
Veterans Grave Registration-Colorado   V5:11
Veterans Graves Registration in Jefferson County Cemeteries   V5:12
Veterans Headstones   V5:16
Virginia Baptist Chruch Records 1983#9:6  
Virginia Presbyterian Church Records 1983#9:6  
Virginia Research 1984#14:24  
Virginia State Pension Act 1984#16:29  
Wait Query   V8:53
Waite Query   V5:102
Walker Query   V5:29
Walker-Dexter Family Bible Record   V10:54
Walsh Query 1983#9:11  
Walter Query   V10:110
Walters Query   V10:110
Walther Query   V10:110
Walthers Query   V10:110
Waltz Query 1984#14:23  
Wartenbe Genealogy, book review   V9:109
Water Query   V10:110
Waterhouse Query 1983#10:10  
Waters Query   V10:110
Wathen Query   V8:30
Wear Query   V9:53
Weir Query   V9:53
Wellman Query   V10:110
Wernecke Family Reunion 1984#15:21  
West Virginia Medals   V5:25
Western Mountaineer Advertising, 1859   V8:11
Wheat Ridge As I Knew It   V8:92
Wheat Ridge Early Settlers, Street Names and Land Owners   V8:95
Wheat Ridge Historical Society   V8:103
Wheat Ridge Membership Roll, Ceres Grange #1, 1876   V8:94
Wheat Ridge Roster of Teachers, Dist. 8, 1867-1920   V9:12
Wheat Ridge School Records, Dist. 8, Vasquez Precinct   V8:104, V10:13
Wheat Ridge Special School Tax List 1873   V10:12
Whedon Query   V9:53
Wheeler Cousins 1983#9:6  
Which One Are You?-Poems and Prose 1984#13:12  
White Ash Mine Disaster   V5:32
White Family 1982#6:4, 1983#11:7  
Whose Job Is It-Poems and Prose 1983#11:8  
Wikstrom Family   V7:99
Wilcoxon Query   V5:102
Williams Family Bulletin 1984#16:28  
Williams Query   V6:92
Winchester-Paul-Lee Bible Record   V8:102
Womack Courier 1984#15:21  
Wood Query   V9:30
Woodson Family 1983#11:7  
Wordens Family Association 1983#11:8  
Worley Query   V8:30
Wynkoop Bible Record   V6:89
Yeager Query   V6:92
Yohe Family 1983#9:5  
York Query   V10:110
Yorty Query 1984#14:23  
Young Query 1981#4:10  
Young/Yung/Younger Family   V5:9
Zartman Family 1982#8:5