1890 Colorado State Business Directory
The Gazetteer Publishing Co.
James R. Ives, Publisher
Individuals listed with businesses and/or occupations in
Park County, Colorado
ADLER, J. Alma City Council Alma 122
ADLER, Jacob Dry Goods and Clothing Alma 122
AH YOU Chinese Goods King 370
ALDEN, H. Board of Park County Commissioners Fairplay 106
ALLEN, R.B. C.M. Railway, Agent Hartsel 358
ARMSTRONG & METZ Saloon Como 177
ASHER & WRIGHT Livery Fairplay 323
AYRES, H.C. Pacific Express Agent Alma 122
BAILEY & WILKIN Park County Attorneys; Attorneys Fairplay 106, 323
BALLENGER, Webster Attorney Como 176
BANHAM, F.M. Record, (weekly) Editor and Publisher Como 176, 177
BELL, L.M. Mrs. Wolford House, Proprietor Como 176, 177
BERG, A. Bergh House, Proprietor Fairplay 323
BESSEY Brothers Blacksmiths and Wagonmakers Fairplay 323
BISHOP, A.R. Saloon and Hotel Jefferson 369
BLANCHARD & BURK Saloon Como 176
BLANDIN, A. General Merchandise Como 176
BLY, Thomas Saloon Fairplay 323
BROMLEY, P.L. Saloon Grant 348
BROOKS, J.G. Grocer, Hardware and General Merchandise Alma 122
BRUNK, G.W. Board of Park County Commissioners Fairplay 106
BRUNK, G.W. Hall and Brunk Silver Mining Co. President, Alma City Council Alma 122
BRUNO, O O. Bruno & Son-Saw-Mill Grant 348
BRUNO, W.R. Blacksmith Grant 348
BURK & BLANCHARD Saloon Como 176
BYERLY, M.S. Jeweler Alma 122
CALVERT & LYON Fairplay Hotel, Proprietors Fairplay 323
CARREL, C.C. Postmaster, Justice of the Peace, Cigars, Tobacco Webster 494
CASSELL, D.N. Summer Resort Hotel Grant 348
CAYLOR, M. Postmaster, Drugs and Stationery Rocky 458
CHAPMAN, J.S. General Merchandise Webster 494
CHASE, F.M. Pacific Express and Ticket Agent Fairplay 323
CHEENEY, Thomas Livery Howbert 362
CHISHOLM, A. Blacksmith Dake 183
CLEGHORN & HAWKINS Flume (weekly), Proprietors Fairplay 323
COHEN, Samuel General Merchandise Fairplay 323
COPENHAVER, Geo. C. Lumber and Blacksmith Como 176
CORFEE & THOMAS Saloon Alma 122
DAKE, A.C. General Merchandise and Postmaster Dake 183
DAKE, L.H. Dake Kilns, Manager Dake 183
DAVIS, Aaron C. Stationery and Postmaster Kester 370
DAVIS, F.M. Physician, Jeweler Howbert 362
DAVIS, M.E. Mrs. Restaurant Como 176
DELL, B.R. General Merchandise, Postmaster, Blacksmith, Lumber Howbert 362
DONNEL, M.J. Mrs. Bakery Como 176
DRIVER, James W. Carpenter and Builder Alma 122
DUFFY, T.W. Park County Supt. Of Schools Fairplay 104
DUFFY, T.W. Real Estate Alma 122
DUNBAR, C.H. Meat Market Como 176
DUNN, A.H. School Principal Fairplay 323
EGAN, John Shoemaker Alma 122
EVANS, J.W. Mining Engineer and U.S. Dep. Mineral Surveyor Alma 122
FEDERER, John City Marshall Fairplay 323
FEHRINGER, Otto Park County Bulletin (weekly), Editor and Publisher; Druggist Alma 122, 123
FEHRINGER, Otto Druggist Como 176
FOWLER, W.B. Undertaker, Insurance Agent Como 176
FRASER, W. Alma City Council Alma 122
FRASER, Wm. Transfer Stables and Blacksmith Alma 122
GLENN, A. Livery Como 176
GOMER, P.P. Saw-Mill Grant 348
GOMER, W.S. Saw-Mill Grant 348
GRANSBURY, M.J. Alma Hotel, Proprietor Alma 122
GUIRE, J.W. U.P. Ticket Agent Garo 334
GUMAR, Chauncey L. Alma Meat Market and General Supply Store, Proprietor Alma 122
HALE, F.Z. Hot Springs Hotel, Proprietor Hartsel 358
HALL, Lent Park County Sheriff Fairplay 104
HAMMOND, E.W. Mountain Park Cattle Co., Manager Kester 370
HAMMOND, W.J. Meat Market Howbert 362
HARRIS, H. Dry Goods, Clothing and Shoes Como 177
HARRIS, S. Mrs. Restaurant and Bakery Fairplay 323
HARTSEL, Samuel Postmaster Hartsel 358
HATHAWAY & WILSON Saloon Webster 494
HATHAWAY, G.H. Charcoal Burn Webster 494
HAWKINS & CLEGHORN Flume (weekly), Proprietors Fairplay 323
HAYDEN, S.B. Blacksmith Alma 122
HEAD, W.R. Board of Park County Commissioners Fairplay 106
HEAD, W.R. W.R. Head & Co.-General Merchandise Jefferson 369
HEBERER & KARCH Groceries and Hardware Fairplay 323
HECK, Otto Barber Alma 122
HENRY, J.M. Fruits and Confectionery Alma 122
HIGHRITER, Marie Miss School Teacher Garo 334
HILL, Wm. Board of Trade Saloon Fairplay 323
HILLER, C.C.P. Methodist Church-Pastor Kester 370
HILLIDAY, M.E. Mrs. Postmistress Fairplay 323
HOLLIDAY, V.G. Attorney and Miner Fairplay 323
HOUK, Angie Mrs. Bakery Alma 122
IFINGER, John Judge Park County Court and Clerk Park County Court Fairplay 106
JACOBSON, J. General Merchandise Alma 122
JARDINE, J. Mrs. Hotel Grant 348
JARDINE, James Wood and Ties Grant 348
JENKINS, M.J. Mrs. Restaurant Como 177
JOHNSON, N.D. Hotel Webster 494
JURGENS, Martha Mrs. Capitol Hotel, Proprietor Alma 122, 123
KARCH & HEBERER Groceries and Hardware Fairplay 323
KEABLES, C.A. C.A. Keables & Co., Drugs Alma 123
KEABLES, E.H. Mayor, County Physician Alma 123
KILDUFF, Ed Alma City Council Alma 122
KILLDUF, E.D. Mrs. St. Nicholas Hotel, Proprietor Alma 123
LAFLIN, Grant E. Druggist Fairplay 323
LITTLETON, W.A. General Merchandise Kester 370
LYON & CALVERT Fairplay Hotel, Proprietors Fairplay 323
MACKAY, W.D. Undertaker Fairplay 323
MALPUSS, William L. Attorney Como 177
McCLURE, M. Miss Teacher Kester 370
McCLURE, Z.B. School Teacher Alma 123
McDONALD, J.R. J.R. McDonald & Co.-General Merchandise and Postmaster Grant 348
McDONALD, Tom Town Marshall Alma 123
McFARLAND, John Wool Grower King 370
McILVAINE, J.Q. Carpenter Fairplay 323
McLAUGHLIN, Matthew South Park Livery, Feed and Sales Stables Fairplay 323, 324
MECKLENBURG, B.M. Dry Goods and Clothing Como 177
METZ & ARMSTRONG Saloon Como 177
MONTAG, G.A. Saloon Como 177
MONTROSS, C.A. Jr. Boston Sampling Works, Agent Alma 122
MOYNAHAN, James General Merchandise Alma 123
MOYNAHAN, Kitty  Postmistress Alma 123
MURPHY, Geo. Saloon Alma 123
MURROW, H.W. Park County Assessor Fairplay 106
NEARY, J.J. Alma City Council and Saloon Alma 122, 123
NELSON & Sons Nelson & Sons, Saw Mill, Brick and Lime Alma 123
NEUHAUSE, R.F. Justice of the Peace Alma 123
NEWITT, R.B. Groceries, Postmaster, Livery and Feed Garo 334
O’BRIAN, W. Hotel Dake 183
OHLER, G.M. Meat Market Como 177
PELTA, A.J. Barber Como 177
POWLESS, W.H. Park County Surveyor Fairplay 104
PRICE, W.H. General Merchandise and Postmaster Slaghts 474
PURSEL, A.K. Boarding House Hartsel 358
RADFORD & WRIGHT Meat Market Fairplay 323
RAMSEY, Rev. Methodist Episcopal Church, Pastor Alma 123
REDFIELD, A. Justice of the Peace Alma 123
REINSCHUESSEL, Charles Carpenter and Builder Alma 123
REMLIN, Wm. G. Shoemaker, boots Fairplay 323
RHODES & BAY Drugs Howbert 362
RICHARDSON, Chas. S. Mining Engineer Alma 123
ROPER, J.E. Hotel Garo 334
ROSS, Dan Boots, Shoes, Harness Howbert 362
ROSS, David Shoemaker Howbert 362
ROSS, T.D. Pacific Express Co. Agent Dake 183
RUPERT, Rev. Catholic Church, Pastor Alma 122
SCHIMMING & EDMONTSON Saw-Mill Jefferson 369
SCHWARTZ, A.E. Mrs. Schwartz House, Proprietor Alma 123
SEELEY, G.B. Hardware and Groceries Alma 123
SHELDON, T.H. Hathaway’s Bank, Cashier Fairplay 323, 324
SINGLETON, J.H. Bank of Alma, Cashier Alma 122, 123
SKYES, J.W. Park County Treasurer Fairplay 104
SLAGHT, H.D. Saw Mill Rocky 458
SLATER, S.S. Live Stock King 370
SLICK, Josiah Park County Coroner Fairplay 104
SLICK, Josiah U.P. Surgeon, Postmaster and Coroner Como 177
SLOAN, A.G. Saloon Como 177
SMITH & HAMPTON Saw-Mill Howbert 362
SMITH, Isaac S. Clerk Park County District Court Fairplay 106
SORENSON, J.E. Saloon Howbert 362
SPRINGER, John Shoemaker Alma 122
STANLEY, W.P. Alma City Council and Lumber Alma 122
STEWART, A.E. Saloon Alma 123
STEWART, A.E. A.E. Stewart & Co., Proprietor Fairplay 323
STREETER, L.J. Shoemaker Como 177
SULLIVAN, L. Saloon Fairplay 323
SUMMERS, Leonard Saloon Alma 123
SUMMERS, Leonhard South Park Brewery, Proprietor Fairplay 323
TAXIS, H.H. Wood Grant 348
THAYER, E.L. Saloon King 370
THOMAS & CORFEE Saloon Alma 122
TROXWELL, J.T. Physician King 370
VanDEUSEN, A.E. Park County Clerk Fairplay 104
VanDEUSEN, S.A. Beaver Creek Placer Mines, Superintendent Fairplay 323, 324
WALLACE Brothers General Merchandise Como 177
WALLACE, K.J. Mrs. Millinery Como 177
WALP, W.H. Horse dealer Dake 183
WEBER Brothers Freighters, Transfer and Livery Alma 123
WEISS, J.E. Blacksmith Jefferson 369
WESLEY, D. Miss The Cafe, Proprietor Fairplay 323
WILKIN & BAILEY Attorneys Fairplay 323
WILLIAMS & YOCUM Meat Market Fairplay 323
WILLIAMS, D.C. Barber Fairplay 323
WILLIAMS, J.F. Barber Howbert 362
WILLIE, S. Mrs. Boarding House Howbert 362
WILSON, J. Hotel Howbert 362
WOOLER, Frank Saloon Como 177
WRIGHT & ASHER Livery Fairplay 323
WRIGHT & RADFORD Meat Market Fairplay 323
WYATT, J.H. Saw Mill Jefferson 369
YOCUM & WILLIAMS Meat Market Fairplay 323
YOCUM, W.F. Mayor Fairplay 323