1890 Colorado State Business Directory
The Gazetteer Publishing Co.
James R. Ives, Publisher
Individuals listed with businesses and/or occupations in
Clear Creek County, Colorado
ALIBERTI & NASSIMBENE Saloon Silver Plume 471
ANDERSON & LUDERS Saloon Idaho Springs 365
ANGOVE, C.E. U.P. Railway Agent Georgetown 335
ARMSTRONG, J.D. General Merchandise Freeland 333
ATKINS, H.H. Clear Creek County Attorney Georgetown 105
AUGUST, A.J. A.J. August & Co., Four and Feed Lawson 381
BACCHIERI, L. Saloon Georgetown 335
BALL, D.J. Assayer Empire 320
BARKER, A.E. Dentist Idaho Springs 364
BARNES, Thomas Georgetown Club, Proprietor Georgetown 335
BIBLE, Wm. Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Ware Georgetown 335
BLACKMAN, A. Clear Creek Foundry & Machine Co., Superintendent Georgetown 335
BLAIR & MAYES Hardware Idaho Springs 364
BLAIR, L.M. Unadello Wholesale, Proprietor Dumont 312
BLAIR, R.D. Colorado Mining Gazette, (weekly) Publisher Idaho Springs 364
BOWEN, Frank Livery Silver Plume 471
BOWMAN, Henry Clear Creek County Supt. Of Schools Georgetown 104
BOYER, A.L.  New and Second Hand Furniture Georgetown 335
BRADLEY & WALDO Bakers, Confectionery Idaho Springs 364
BRENNAN, Jno. General Merchandise Lawson 381
BRENNENSTUHL, J. Saloon Lawson 381
BROSTROM, A. Groceries Idaho Springs 364
BROWN, Mary Miss Restaurant Georgetown 335
BULLIS, A.D. Attorney at Law Idaho Springs 364
BULLOCK, C.B. Coal, Flour and Grain Georgetown 335
CARLSON & HANCOCK Groceries Georgetown 335
CATREN, B.C. Jr. Clear Creek County Clerk Georgetown 104
CHASE, A.E. Clear Creek County Surveyor Georgetown 104
CHINN, R.W. Grocer Dumont 312
CHIPMAN, G.A. Commonwealth Mining Co., Manager Idaho Springs 364
CLAIR, Wm. Justice of the Peace Silver Plume 471
CLIFF, Wm. N. Ore Hauling Silver Plume 471
COHEN, L. Dry Goods, Shoes and Carpets Georgetown 335
COLBURN, A.H. Blacksmith and Wheelwright Idaho Springs 364
COLLINS, R.J. Physician Georgetown 335
COLLUM, Edward Edward Collum & Co., Dry Goods and Notions Idaho Springs 364
CONNELLY, John Barber and Cigars Silver Plume 471
CONWAY, Michael Shoemaker Georgetown 335
COPELAND, J.M. Bank of Clear Creek, Cashier Georgetown 335
CURTIS, E. Hardware Georgetown 335
CZARNOWSKY, Henry Saloon Silver Plume 471
DALGLEISH Brothers Photographers Georgetown 335
DeVOTIE, J.C. Mrs. Millinery and Fancy Goods Georgetown 335
DICKINSON, A. Shoemaker Georgetown 335
DINGWALL Brothers Hardware Idaho Springs 365
DOE, S.C. Hotel Stanton, Proprietor Idaho Springs 365
DOHERTY, F.E. Hardware Idaho Springs 365
DONALDSON & KOHINOOR Kohinoor & Donaldson, Consolidated Mining Co., Limited Idaho Springs 365
DOUGLAS, John D. Idaho Springs News, Publisher Idaho Springs 365
DOYLE, Michael Meat Market and Postmaster Dumont 312
DRAKE, D.A. D.A. Drake & Co., Grocery Idaho Springs 365
DUBOICE, L.E. Mining Agent Dumont 312
DUMONT, John M. Mining Empire 320
DUNCAN & WHEELER Georgetown Public Ore Market, Proprietors Georgetown 335
DUPUY, Louis Hotel DeParis, Proprietor Georgetown 335, 336
DYER, C.H. Blacksmith Silver Plume 471
DYO, Alice Miss Restaurant Georgetown 335
EAGAN, Mary Mrs. Egan House, Proprietor Silver Plume 471
EAGLES, W.M.J. Vapor Baths and Specialist, Proprietor Georgetown 335
EGAN, John M.S. Silver Age Mining & Milling Co., Manager Idaho Springs 366
ELLIOTT & KNOETTGE Drugs Idaho Springs 365
ELLIOTT, J.J. Idaho Springs Electric Light Co., Manager; Miners Assay Office, Proprietor; Placer Brick and Tile Co., Manager Idaho Springs 365, 366
ELLIOTT, John F. Drugs and Physician Empire 320
ELLIS & NOXON Livery Idaho Springs 365
ENNIS, Catherine Ennis House, Proprietor Georgetown 335
FAHEY, James Saloon Idaho Springs 365
FERGUSON, J.A. Methodist Episcopal Church, Pastor Idaho Springs 365
FILLIUS & MORRISON Attorneys Georgetown 336
FILLIUS, John Mines & Mining Georgetown 335
FISH, Charles R. Bank of Clear Creek, President Georgetown 335
FITZPATRICK, J.B. Colo. Telephone Co., Manager Georgetown 335
FLESHER, J.W. Methodist Episcopal Church, Pastor Silver Plume 471
FORBES & STROMBERG Drugs Georgetown 335
FORREST, J.W. Postmaster Georgetown 335
FOSTER, E.L.N. Board of Commissioners Clear Creek County  Georgetown 105
FREDMAN, Peter Shoemaker Idaho Springs 365
FREEMAN, Edgar Carpenter Empire 320
FREESTONE, A.H. Meat Market Idaho Springs 365
FULLER, M.A. Dry Goods and Notions Georgetown 336
GARRETT Garrett & Co., Meat Market Silver Plume 471
GATES Gates & Co., Jewelers Georgetown 336
GAY, John W.U. Tel. Co., Agent Georgetown 336
GOETZE, Henry Saloon Georgetown 336
GRAHAM & ROBERTS Lumber Silver Plume 471
GRAVES, F.F. Dentist Idaho Springs 365
GRAY, C.D. Civil Engineer Georgetown 336
GREEN, Sarah Mrs. Mill City House, Proprietor Dumont 312
GRIFFITH, J.D. City Hotel, Proprietor Georgetown 335, 336
GRISWOLD, R.B. Board of Commissioners Clear Creek County Georgetown 105
GUARD, Wm. Barber Silver Plume 471
HAFER, L.A. Barber Idaho Springs 365
HALL & TIBBITTS Mining Machinery Georgetown 336
HALL, G.W. G.W. Hall & Co.-Lumber Georgetown 336
HALL, O. Justice of the Peace Idaho Springs 365
HANCHETT, S. Lamartine Mine, Manager Idaho Springs 365
HANCOCK & CARLSON Groceries Georgetown 335
HANSON, George L. Barber Idaho Springs 365
HARDER, Fred Baker and Grocer Idaho Springs 365
HARTMANN, Geo. H. Restaurant Georgetown 336
HARVAT & MILLS Meat Market Georgetown 336
HARVAT, Jo Jo Harvat & Co., Meat Market Georgetown 336
HAWCHETT, Silas General Merchandise Empire 320
HEDRICK, E.J. Groceries Idaho Springs 365
HEILMAN, Herman Blacksmith Georgetown 336
HENDERSON & WILSON Lumber, Hay and Grain Georgetown 337
HEPNER, D. Dry Goods, Clothing and Shoes Silver Plume 471
HOLCOMB Brothers Meat Market Georgetown 336
HOLCOMB, Edwin Saloon Georgetown 336
HOLMES, Ed Saloon Freeland 333
HOOD, Frank J. Justice of the Peace Georgetown 336
HOOD, W.B. Attorney Georgetown 336
HORN, W.F. Stationery Idaho Springs 365
HOWARD, M. Groceries and Hardware Lawson 381
HUNNICUT, A. Shoemaker Silver Plume 471
HUNT & TRUDEAN Saloon Georgetown 336
IRELAND, J.M. Grain and Coal Idaho Springs 365
JAYNE, W.A. Physician Georgetown 336
JENNINGS, W.P. Saloon Silver Plume 471
JOHNS, J.B. Postmaster and Notions Silver Plume 471
JOHNSON Brothers Blacksmiths Freeland 333
JOHNSON, M.A. Mrs. Millinery Georgetown 336
JOHNSON, N. Shoemaker Idaho Springs 365
KING, Theodore Barber Georgetown 336
KINNEY, A.R. Livery Stable Georgetown 336
KNEISEL, Henry Groceries, Police Judge Georgetown 336
KNIGHT, Wm. E. Presbyterian Church, Pastor Georgetown 337
KNOETTGE & ELLIOTT Drugs Idaho Springs 365
KNUCKEY, R.J. R.J. Knuckey & Co., General Merchandise Freeland 333
KOHINOOR & DONALDSON Kohinoor & Donaldson, Consolidated Mining Co., Limited Idaho Springs 365
LAMUNYON, I.W. Justice of the Peace Dumont 312
LANGDELL, P. Police Marshal Idaho Springs 365
LAYDEN, P.H. Saloon Georgetown 336
LEAVY, P.F. U.P. Railway & Pacific Express, Agent and W.U. Tel. Co., Manager Idaho Springs 365
LEWIS, Charles C. Shoemaker and Photographer Lawson 381
LOVELL Lovell & Co., Meat Market Silver Plume 471
LUDERS & ANDERSON Saloon Idaho Springs 365
LUNDSTROM, August Saloon Georgetown 336
MARSH, Geo. E. Mining Engineer Georgetown 336
MASON Mason & Co., Groceries Idaho Springs 365
MAYES & BLAIR Hardware Idaho Springs 364
MAZZINI Mazzini & Co., Saloon Silver Plume 471
McCLELLAN, C. Opera House, Proprietor Georgetown 336
McCLELLAN, Geo. E. First National Bank, Cashier Idaho Springs 365
McFARLAND, James Presbyterian Church, Pastor Idaho Springs 366
McKINLEY, M.J. Mrs. Restaurant Idaho Springs 365
McLEAN, L. Photographer Idaho Springs 365
MEAD, M.P. Second Hand Furniture Idaho Springs 365
MILEHAN, D.F. Livery Stable Georgetown 336
MILLS & HARVAT Meat Market Georgetown 336
MOCK, George R. Colorado Hotel, Proprietor Idaho Springs 364, 365
MONTAGUE, H. Hot Soda Baths, Proprietor Idaho Springs 365
MORGENTHAU, E. Dry Goods, Clothing and Shoes Silver Plume 471
MORGENTHAU, H. Grocer Georgetown 336
MORRIS, J.A. Sporting Goods Georgetown 336
MORRISON & FILLIUS Attorneys Georgetown 336
MUNDY, M.A. M.A. Mundy & Co., Shoes and Gents Furnishings Silver Plume 471
MURPHY, Father Catholic Church, Priest Lawson 381
MURPHY, W.F. Catholic Church, Pastor Idaho Springs 364
MYLROIE, M.A. Mrs. Mylroie House, Proprietor Silver Plume 471
NASH, Samuel Hardware Georgetown 336
NASSIMBENE & ALIBERTI Saloon Silver Plume 471
NELSON & THORSEN Dry Goods, Hats and Shoes Idaho Springs 365
NEUMAN & SPRANKLE Groceries and Hardware Silver Plume 471
NEUMAN, Robert Assayer Georgetown 336
NEWBERN, J.W. School Principal Silver Plume 471
NEWTON, H.H. Telephone Co., Agent Idaho Springs 365
NORMAN Norman Dry Goods Co. Idaho Springs 365
NOXON & ELLIS Livery Idaho Springs 365
O’MARA, B. Mrs. St. Andrews House, Proprietor Georgetown 336, 337
O’SULLIVAN Merchant Tailor Idaho Springs 366
OGDEN & WILKINS Grocers Idaho Springs 365
OKLUN, Jno. Confectionery, Tobacco and Cigars Georgetown 336
OPIE, J. Saloon Idaho Springs 365
OSBISTON, F.F. Freeland Mining Co., Agent; Plutus Mining & Smelting Co., Agent Idaho Springs 365, 366
PALMER, John Meat Market Freeland 333
PARCHINI, Mary Mrs. Restaurant Silver Plume 471
PARKER, H.C. Confectionery, Tobacco and Cigars Georgetown 336
PARTIDGE, E.M. Postmaster Lawson 381
PATTEN, E.R. Groceries Idaho Springs 366
PATTEN, Geo. A. Dry Goods, Clothing and Shoes Idaho Springs 366
PEASE, G.A. Groceries Georgetown 336
PECK, F.L. Hotel Empire 320
PERKINS, R.J. Mrs. Millinery Idaho Springs 366
PHILLIPS, J.F. Clear Creek County Sheriff Georgetown 104
PLUMMER, Cyrus Cyrus Plummer & Co., Livery Idaho Springs 366
PLUMMER, H. Flour, Grain and Coal Idaho Springs 366
POIRSON, P. Bakery and Groceries Silver Plume 471
POLLARD, Chas. W. Barton House, Proprietor and Grocer Georgetown 335, 336
POST, John P. Justice of the Peace Georgetown 336
RANDALL, J.S. Georgetown Courier (weekly)-Editor and Publisher Georgetown 336, 337
RAPIN, A. Jeweler Silver Plume 471
RHODES, W.P. Rev. Methodist Episcopal Church, Pastor Georgetown 336
RICHARDS, J.R. Merchant Tailor Idaho Springs 366
ROBERTS & GRAHAM Lumber Silver Plume 471
ROBERTS Brothers Groceries Idaho Springs 366
ROBERTS Brothers Groceries Silver Plume 471
ROBERTS, Jenkins General Merchandise Freeland 333
ROBINSON, Emma E. Postmistress Empire 320
RODDA Brothers Groceries Georgetown 337
ROLL Roll Mercantile Co., Groceries and Queenware Idaho Springs 366
ROSENBERG, R. Saloon Silver Plume 471
ROWE, Jas. H. Shoemaker Silver Plume 471
ROWE, T. Board of Commissioners Clear Creek County Georgetown 105
SANDERS, Wm. Shoemaker Freeland 333
SCHWARTZ, Henry Shoemaker Georgetown 337
SEIDLER, J. Clothing, Hats and Shoes Idaho Springs 366
SEIFRIED, Henry Bank of Georgetown, Cashier Georgetown 335, 337
SHAW, R.T. Physician Silver Plume 471
SHEPARD, L.H. Judge Clear Creek County Court and Clerk Clear Creek County Court Georgetown 105
SHEPHERD, J.H. Postmaster, Books and Stationery Idaho Springs 366
SHERWIN, J.J. Druggists Idaho Springs 366
SHIMBERG, A. Saloon Georgetown 337
SISTER PHILOMENA St. Joseph’s Hospital, Superior Georgetown 337
SMITH, George Shoemaker Idaho Springs 366
SMITH, I.N. Attorney Idaho Springs 366
SNETZER, Jacob Merchant Tailor Georgetown 337
SOPP & TRUSCOTT Hay, Grain and Coal Silver Plume 471
SOWELL, R. Confectionery, Cigars Idaho Springs 366
SPRANKLE & NEUMAN Groceries and Hardware Silver Plume 471
STEBBINS, T.C. Mining Dumont 312
STEPHENS, F.H. Assayer and Mining Engineer Idaho Springs 366
STEWART, F.P. Gents’ Furnishing Goods Georgetown 337
STOVER, S.L. Carpenter Georgetown 337
STROMBERG & FORBES Drugs Georgetown 335
STROUSSE, S. Dry Goods, Carpets and Clothing Georgetown 337
SUCKLING, Walter B. Principal Public School Georgetown 337
SUMMERS, John Saloon Empire 320
THERO, E.K. E.K. Thero & Co., Meat Market Idaho Springs 366
THIESEN, Martin Shoemaker Idaho Springs 366
THOMAS, B.B. Hot Soda Baths, Manager Idaho Springs 366
THORSEN & NELSON Dry Goods, Hats and Shoes Idaho Springs 365
TIBBITTS & HALL Mining Machinery Georgetown 336
TISHLER, Morris Tailor Georgetown 337
TOLLIVER, John Barber Idaho Springs 366
TOMAY, John Insurance and Real Estate Georgetown 337
TOWNSEND, C.O. Barber Georgetown 337
TOWNSEND, W.A. Barber Georgetown 337
TOWNSEND, W.L. Clear Creek County Assessor Georgetown 105
TRATHEN & WILLIAMS Saloon Idaho Springs 366
TRUDEAN & HUNT Saloon Georgetown 336
TRUSCOTT & SOPP Hay, Grain and Coal Silver Plume 471
TUCKER, A.C. Grocer Georgetown 337
TUCKER, J.F. Bank of Georgetown, President and Grocer Georgetown 337
TURNER, Robert Real Estate, Mines Idaho Springs 366
ULRICH, F. German House, Proprietor Idaho Springs 366
ULRICH, Fred German House, Proprietor Idaho Springs 365
VANANTWERP, G. Blacksmith Empire 320
VENTRESS & WEEKS Blacksmiths and Wagon Makers Idaho Springs 366
VENTRESS, Joseph Mayor of Idaho Springs Idaho Springs 366
VINCENT, H. Stationery, Confectionery and Cigars Idaho Springs 366
VIVIAN, Geo. G. Kohinoor & Donaldson, Consolidated Mining Co, Limited, Manager Idaho Springs 365
VOLPE, Rev. Catholic Church, Pastor Georgetown 335
WALDO & BRADLEY Bakers, Confectionery Idaho Springs 364
WALLS, Jas. Barber and Saloon Freeland 333
WATKINS, Wm. Transfer Silver Plume 471
WATTS, H. Miss General Merchandise Lawson 381
WATTS, J.M. J.M. Watts & Co., Druggists and Stationers Silver Plume 471
WATTS, James M. Clear Creek County Treasurer Georgetown 104
WEARNE, John Furniture Idaho Springs 366
WEEKS & VENTRESS Blacksmiths and Wagon Makers Idaho Springs 366
WEINBERGER, A. Clothing Idaho Springs 366
WEINBERGER, S. Liquor and Cigars Idaho Springs 366
WELSH, Ulick Saloon Georgetown 337
WHEATON, Porter P. Mining Engineer Georgetown 337
WHEELER & DUNCAN Georgetown Public Ore Market, Proprietors Georgetown 336
WILEY, W.H. Mining Engineer Idaho Springs 366
WILKINS & OGDEN Grocers Idaho Springs 365
WILLIAMS & TRATHEN Saloon Idaho Springs 366
WILLIAMS, H.C. Assayer Georgetown 337
WILLIAMS, W.A. Superintendent Public Schools Idaho Springs 366
WILLIAMS, Wm. Saloon Freeland 333
WILLIFORD, Samuel Police Marshall Georgetown 337
WILSON & HENDERSON Lumber, Hay and Grain Georgetown 337
WOOD, Frank J. Bookseller and Stationer Georgetown 337
WOOSTER, David Clear Creek County Coroner Georgetown 104
WOOSTER, David Physician Idaho Springs 366
WORTH, C.E. Billiards and Saloon Idaho Springs 366
WRIGHT, E.S. Drugs and Jewelry Georgetown 337
WRIGHT, M.V. Blacksmith Empire 320
YAEGER, G.A. Physician Idaho Springs 366
YEAGER, E.  Cigars and Tobacco Georgetown 337
ZEILOR, J.K.H. Cliff House, Proprietor Idaho Springs 364, 366
ZELLER, Ignatius Jeweler Idaho Springs 366