1890 Colorado State Business Directory
The Gazetteer Publishing Co.
James R. Ives, Publisher
Indiviuals listed with businesses and/or occupations in
Jefferson County, Colorado
ABBO & BROWN Livery and Feed Morrison 418
ALLEN, C.W. Painter Evergreen 323
ALLEN, Eli Groceries Arvada 125
AMMONS, E.M. Meats Symes 479
ANDERSON, A.P. Saloon Golden 341
ARASMITH, J.W. School Principal Morrison 418
ARMOR, William Postmaster Golden 341
BABCOCK, J.D. Summer Resort Evergreen 323
BAILEY, W.L. Methodist Episcopal Church, Pastor Morrison 418
BARKER, F.C. Justice of the Peace Evergreen 323
BARNES, J.W. Judge of Jefferson County Court; Clerk of Jefferson County Court Golden 106
BARRON, A. Boots and Shoes Golden 341
BARTLETT, F.D. Dentist Golden 341
BATEMAN & BLACKMER Creswell Mercantile Co., Proprietors Creswell 181
BATEMAN, T.H. Creswell House, Proprietor Creswell 181
BATEMAN, Thos. H. Postmaster and Justice of the Peace Creswell 181
BATES, M.L. Cigars and Confectionery Golden 341
BEACH, S.N. Saw Mill Creswell 181
BEECH Beech & Co., Saw Mill Evergreen 323
BELL, H.G. Barber Pine 429
BENGSON, N. Tailor Golden 341
BENSON, Rev. Swedish Lutheran Church, Pastor Golden 343
BERTHOUD, E.L. Civil Engineer Golden 341
BINDER, J. Hay, Grain and Feed Golden 342
BLACKMER & BATEMAN Creswell Mercantile Co., Proprietors Creswell 181
BLETHEN & McALPINE Saw Mill Symes 479
BROAD & HAMMOND Dry Goods, Carpets, Shoes and Millinery Golden 342
BROWN & ABBO Livery and Feed Morrison 418
BROWN, J. Hardin Notions Golden 342
BURGESS, Thos. W. Burgess House, Proprietor Golden 342
CASE, C.H. Rock Flour Mills, Manager Golden 342, 343
CHAUVENET, Regis Colorado Sate School of Mines, President Golden 341, 342
CHRISTENSEN, Peter Shoemaker, Boots and Rubber Goods Morrison 418
CHURCH, J.B. Fire and Pressed Brick, Denver Office Golden 342
CHURCH, Wm. Fire and Pressed Brick, Denver Office Golden 342
CLARK, Chas. T. Jefferson County Treasurer Golden 104
COATNEY, G.W. Blacksmith Buffalo Creek 151
COGSWELL Brothers Saw Mill Evergreen 323
COOK, C.M. Mrs. Dressmaker Golden 342
COORS, Adolph Golden Brewery, Proprietor Golden 342
CRAWFORD, D.C. Crawford House, Proprietor Golden 342
CROWDIS, Thos. Saloon Pine 429
CUNNINGHAM, S.A. Confectionery and Cigars Golden 342
DAKE, C.W. General Merchandise Pine 429
DAVIDSON, J.C. Furniture and Undertaker Golden 342
DEWEY, F. Postmaster and Railroad Restaurant Forks Creek 326
DIER, W.A. Jefferson County Attorney and Attorney Golden 106, 342
DOLD, A. Bakery and Saloon Golden 342
DOUGHERTY, E.L. Miss Millinery Golden 342
DOUGHERTY, William Dry Goods Golden 342
DOWDIN, Sam’l. Justice of the Peace Creswell 181
DREW, R.W. Hay, Grain and Groceries Golden 342
DUENNER, Wm. Barber Golden 342
EAGLETON, J.S. Jefferson Superintendent of Schools Golden 104
ELDRIDGE, S. Carpenter and Contractor Golden 342
EVANS, L.O. Blacksmith Pine 429
EVANS, S.P. Pleasant View House, Proprietor Morrison 418
EWAN & NAY Meat Market Morrison 418
FARRAR, W.F. Physician Morrison 418
FERRARI, L. Summer Resort Evergreen 323
FITZPATRICK, N. Miss Assistant Principal of Schools Golden 342
FOSTER, E.A. Groceries Semper 468
GITTER, G. Shoemaker Golden 342
GOODELL, H.S. Physician Arvada 125
GRAVES, Simon Carpenter Arvada 125
GRAVES, Wm. Blacksmith Arvada 125
GREEN, J.W. General Merchandise and Post Office Buffalo Creek 151
HALE, John Saloon Symes 479
HAMER, E.A. General Merchandise Hutchinson 363
HAMMOND & BROAD Dry Goods, Carpets, Shoes and Millinery Golden 342
HAMMOND, C.R. Dentist Golden 342
HARBOUGH, Geo. Restaurant Morrison 418
HARPER, E.J. Episcopal Church, Pastor Golden 342
HARRIS, G.T. Postmaster and Drugs Morrison 418
HARRIS, M. Confectionery and Bakery Golden 342
HARRISON, D.E. Drugs Golden 342
HARVEY, Chas. T. Postmaster Semper 468
HEATLEY, E.J. Dry Goods and Hats Golden 342
HELMER, A. Drugs Pine 429
HINES, Frank D. Cigars and Tobacco Golden 342
HINES, J.J. Summer Resort Evergreen 323
HOAGLAND, J.A. Jefferson County Sheriff Golden 104
HODGES, Jno. C. Jr. Cambria Tile and Brick Co., Treasurer Golden 342
HULTMAN, A. Shoemaker Golden 342
JAMISON, J.A. Buffalo Creek Park Co., Proprietor Buffalo Creek 151
JIM KEE Laundry Golden 342
JOBES & SNIDER Saw Mill Creswell 181
JOLLEY, Wm. Carpenter Arvada 125
JOLLY, J.W. Blacksmith Golden 342
JONES & NANKIVELL Groceries Golden 343
JONES, Oscar Carpenter Semper 468
KEATING, N. Carpenter Semper 468
KELLY, James Druggist Golden 342
KENNEY, D.M. Carpenter Evergreen 323
KIMBALL, G.H. Carpenter Golden 342
KIMBALL, G.K. Board of Jefferson County Commissioners Golden 106
KIRBY, M.C. Flour, Grain and Feed Golden 342
KLATT, John Constable Golden 342
KLATT, Phil Blacksmith Golden 342
KLEIN, J.H. Millinery and Notions Golden 342
KNAPP, Rev. Cambellite Church, Pastor Golden 342
KOENIG, N. Groceries Golden 342
LAKE, Carlos Livery Golden 343
LARISON, Lee Jefferson County Bank, Cashier Golden 343
LEENHOUSE, P.J. Presbyterian Church, Pastor Golden 343
LEMCKE, C. Flour, Feed and Grain Morrison 418
LICHTENHELD, R. Barber Golden 343
LINDER, J.H. J.H. LINDER & Co., Hardware Golden 343
LORISON, Lee Jefferson County Bank, Cashier Golden 342
LYMAN, J.F. Transfer, Hack and Express Golden 343
LYONS, D. Catholic Church, Pastor Golden 342
MAAS, B. Saloon Golden 343
MANN, Joseph Attorney Golden 343
McALPINE & BLETHEN Saw Mill Symes 479
McCOY, Robert Meat Market Pine 429
McEACHERN, John Saloon Golden 343
McFADDEN, C.W. Jefferson County Assessor Golden 106
McGILL & SMITH General Merchandise Morrison 418
McLARREN Saw Mill Evergreen 323
McNEAL, W.C. Physician and Coroner Morrison 418
McNEIL, W.C. Jefferson County Coroner Golden 104
McQUISTON, F.J. Board of Jefferson County Commissioners Golden 106
MEDELL, Wm. Carpenter Golden 343
MERKLE, Theodore Jeweler Golden 343
MILLER, Frank Blacksmith Creswell 181
MORIETY, Frank Dentist Creswell 181
MORRILL, M.T. Golden Illuminating Co., Manager Golden 342
MORRIS, J.M. Hardware and Lumber Golden 343
MORRISON, Geo. Sr. Hotel Morrison 418
MOUAT Mouat Lumber Co., General Merchandise and Saw Mill Symes 479
NANKIVELL & JONES Groceries Golden 343
NAY & EWAN Meat Market Morrison 418
NEAL, Amos Station Agent Morrison 418
NICHOLLS, John Mayor Golden 343
NICHOLLS, John Jr. Cigars and Tobacco Golden 343
NOHLER, M. Bakery and Boarding Golden 343
O’BRIEN & RIVERS Saloon Symes 479
ON KEE Laundry and Chinese Goods Golden 343
ORTON, W.E. Baptist Church, Pastor Golden 341
OSBORNE, E.T. Meat Market Golden 343
OSTRANDER, O.R. Nursery Arvada 125
PARFET & SLACK Groceries and Feed Golden 343
PEARSON, L. Grocer Morrison 418
PEARSON, T.A. Veterinary Surgeon Evergreen 323
PEPPARD & WELLS Golden Paper Mills, Proprietors Golden 342, 343
PERRY & TURNER Blacksmiths Morrison 418
PHELPS, W.F. Morrison Bud (weekly), Editor and Proprietor Morrison 418
POLHAMUS, A.F. Justice of the Peace Symes 479
POST, A.F. General Merchandise, Postmaster, Justice of the Peace and Meat Market Evergreen 323
PRATT, J.H. Saloon Morrison 418
QUAINTANCE, B.P. Flour Mill Golden 343
RANDALL, J.L. General Merchandise Golden 343
RAYMOND, W.S. Hardware Pine 429
RIDGEWAY, J.S. Western House, Proprietor Morrison 418
RIVERS & O’BRIEN Saloon Symes 479
ROSS, John General Merchandise Morrison 418
RUNDLETT, E.F. Books and Stationery Golden 343
SANGER, W.E. Cigars and Tobacco Morrison 418
SARELL, W.M. Golden City Clerk Golden 343
SAUTER, Chas. Saloon Golden 343
SCHROCK, J.H. Saloon Morrison 418
SEAWAY, A.S. Saloon Buffalo Creek 151
SEELEMANN, Chas. Boots and Shoes Golden 343
SELLMAN, T.C. Justice of the Peace Arvada 125
SHELLABARGER, W. Board of Jefferson County Commissioners Golden 106
SICK, Wm. Semper Creamery, Proprietor Semper 468
SLACK & PARFET Groceries and Feed Golden 343
SMITH & McGILL General Merchandise Morrison 418
SMITH, Wm. G. Golden Globe (weekly), Editor and Publisher Golden 342, 343
SNIDER & JOBES Saw Mill Creswell 181
SORENSON & WASSON Grocers Golden 343
STEWART, R.H. Summer Resort Evergreen 323
STRAIN, Robert Stock Creswell 181
STRICKLAND, Sarah Mrs. American House, Proprietor Morrison 418
THEIS, F.W. Jefferson County Surveyor Golden 104
TOWNSEND, Al Jefferson County Clerk Golden 104
TREFFEISEN, John Meat Market Golden 343
TRIPLETT, W.J. Principal of Schools Golden 343
TURNER & PERRY Blacksmiths Morrison 418
VIVIAN Vivian & Co., Clothing Golden 343
WADE, Chas. H. Clothing, Hats and Shoes Golden 343
WADSWORTH, B.F. Real Estate Arvada 125
WALKER, J.W. Painter Golden 343
WALZER, F.J. Blacksmith Morrison 418
WANNEMAKER, H.L. Blacksmith Golden 343
WASSON & SORENSON Grocers Golden 343
WELCH, C.C. Cambria Tile & Brick Co., President Golden 342, 343
WELLS & PEPPARD Golden Paper Mills, Proprietors Golden 342, 343
WEST, Geo. Colorado Transcript (weekly), Editor and Publisher Golden 342, 343
WHITEHEAD, W.H. Clerk of Jefferson County District Court Golden 106
WHITEHEAD, W.W. Jefferson County Bank, President Golden 342
WHITEHEAD, Wm. H. Jefferson County Bank, President Golden 343
WILLIAMS, D. Shoemaker Pine 429
WINTERBOTTOM, J. General Merchandise Morrison 418
WRIGHT, L. Methodist Episcopal Church, Pastor Golden 343
YESSEN, John H. Livery Golden 343
ZEIGLER, C. Omaha House, Proprietor Golden 343
ZEIGLER, Charles Pennsylvania House and Omaha House, Proprietor Golden 343
ZILLIGEN, Joseph Meat Market Golden 343