State of Colorado, made by the Board of Registry of said Precinct       
State of Colorado, County of Clear Creek - 
I, John Tomay, W.T. Reynolds and Ernest Stahl, do solemnly swear that I will honestly
and faithfully discharge the duties of Registrar of Georgetown Election Precinct No. Three
in the County of Clear Creek and State aforesaid, according to
law and the best of my skill and ability, so help me God.
Signed by John Tomay, W.T. Reynolds, Ernest Stahl  (Board of Registrars)
Subscribed and sworn to before me this Fourteenth day of October A.D. 1890 -
Signed by J. P. Post, J. P.
Source: Denver Public Library, Western History Manuscript, Clear Creek County  WH 71

Name of Electors Place of Residence
Alan, J.S. Rose St
Aldred, Wm. 7th St
Allen, Thomas Griffith St.
Alspaugh, Wes Main St.
Amos, H.J. 7th St.
Anderson, A.W. Main St.
Anderson, Andrew Alvarado 
Anderson, Hans Rose St.
Anderson, James Main St.
Anderson, Ole Main St. 
Andrews, Frank Rose St.
Andrews, W.N. Rose St.
Aschcroff, Peter Main St.
Ballotti, Dom Main St.
Benney, Richd. Rose St
Berris, Warren Main St.
Blatter, H.J. Biddle St.
Bowen, John 7th St.
Brothers, Noel Rose St.
Brown, Benj. Main St.
Brown, W.S. 6th St.
Bullock, C.B. Taos St.
Bullock, Horace Rose St.
Butler, John Taos St.
Cain, Richd. Rose St.
Campbeil, T.B. Biddle St.
Campbell, Louis H. Biddle St.
Campbell, P.H Biddle St.
Campbell, P.Q. Biddle St.
Catson, B.C., Jr. Taos St.
Charles, J.M. Main St.
Christopherson, C. Alvarado
Cline, G.W. 7th & Rose
Comesh, N.D. Taos St.
Conway, John 7th & Rose
Cook, Benj. Rose St.
Cook, W.S. Rose St.
Corazza, Giovannie Rose St.
Cowen, John Griffith St.
Cree, Alex Biddle St.
Cross, John Alvarado
Crowe, Robie Taos St.
Cummings, J.W. Main St.
Cunningham, Pat 7th & Rose
Dalgleish, George 6th St.
Dalgleish, Thomas 6th St.
Daly, John Taos St.
Dawson, Thomas Main St.
Denney, John Biddle St.
Denny, John James Biddle St.
Devaney, Bryan Rose St.
Devaney, Peter Rose St.
Dickson, A.F. Taos St.
Diemer, John Taos St.
Doane, Charles H. Griffith St.
Dreyer, Thomas Main St.
Drufurst, Adam Rose St.
Dulaney, Geo. G. Griffith St.
Dunstone, Richd. Taos St.
Durkee, Silas Taos St.
Eagles, W.J. Main St.
Edmonds, Robt. Griffith Stw
Edwards, R.E. Rose St
Een, L.L. Rose St.
Elliott, E.M Taos St.
Endy, James Biddle St
Erickson, August Main St.
Eudy, John Biddle St.
Evans, E.T. Main St.
Ewing, F.J. Taos St.
Ewing, J.D. Taos St.
Ewing, Law. A. Biddle St.
Fair, Richard 7th St.
Fairley, Newton Alvarado
Fairley, Thomas  Alvardo
Fanington, F.B. Main St.
Fauroat, S.D. 11th St.
Ferriter, Maurice Taos St.
Fitzpatrick, A.. Biddle St.
Fitzpatrick, J.J. Rose St.
Fletcher, I. Philetus Main St.
Fletcher, W.M. Main St.
Folsom, Charles D. Taos St. 
Folsom, D.C.  Taos St.
Forbes, Clay Rose St.
Gamble, H.M Griffith St.
Garland, Joseph Griffith St.
Garner, John Main St.
Gillam, W.H. Main St.
Goetze, Henry 8th St.
Gordon, S.E. Main St.
Gradey, James T. Biddle St.
Graham, Danl. J. Main St.
Grant, D.C. 7th St.
Greene, Walter Main St.
Greitens, Jas. Main St. 
Grove, T.F. Main St.
Guanella, J.T. Rose St.
Guanella, Joseph Main St.
Hall, J.W. Main St.
Hall, Moses Alvarado
Hanes, J.T. Main St.
Hannigan, B. Rose St.
Hannigan, Thos. Rose St.
Hargrave, Marion Rose St.
Harrison, Ed Taos/Main St.
Hart, Z.E. Taos St.
Hawatt, Joseph Rose St.
Hendershot, H.W. 6th St.
Henderson, J.E. 7th St.
Higgins, John 7th St. 
Hinds, Samuel Main St.
Hite, G.J. Biddle St.
Hoffmann, Oscar Saxon Mtn.
Hogan, R.W. Taos St.
Hogarth, Wm. Rose St.
Hood, W.C. Main St.
Hooley, Michl. Taos St.
Hopkins, B.A. Biddle St.
Hopkins, Hugh Rose St.
Hunter, John Main St.
Hunter, S. Lafayette Main St.
Jacoby, W.T. Saxon St.
Jayne, W.A., Dr. 6th St.
Johnson, A.B. 7th St
Johnson, A.E. Main St.
Johnson, A.G. Biddle St.
Johnson, Alex Main St.
Johnson, Alfred Biddle St.
Johnson, David Biddle St.
Johnson, George Main St.
Johnson, Louis Biddle St.
Johnson, N.F. Griffith St.
Jones, August Main St.
Jones, Charley Biddle St.
Jones, Edward Biddle St.
Jones, I.P. Biddle St.
Jones, Jesse P. Biddle St.
Jones, John Biddle St.
Jones, T.W. Taos St.
Jordan, Anthony Rose St.
Kallabaugh, Zadock 6th St.
Kearens, James Taos St.
Kearens, Joseph Taos St.
Kelley, Thomas Griffith St
Kemp, Alex Taos St.
Kendall, Benj. Main St.
Kendall, John Main St.
Kerffell, Chas. Biddle St.
Kertley, Jerry Main St.
Ketterer, Charles Rose St.
Ketterer, Joseph Rose St.
Kneisel, Henry Biddle St.
Koehler, Martin Biddle St.
Lee, John E. 7th & Rose St.
Lewis, Chas. C. 6th St.
Little, W.H. Rose St.
Love, Jas. A. Taos St.
Lucas, James 7th St.
Lucas, Leonard 7th St.
Lundstrom, R.A. Rose St.
Lynch, James Taos St.
Mapes, Mahlon Main St.
Marsh, G.E Biddle St.
Mattern, Robt. Griffith St.
McCracken, F.B. Rose St.
McCready, F. Rose St.
McDonald, Jas. 8th St.
McFaden, Lee F. Biddle St.
McFarland, John 7th St.
McGaffey, Wm. Biddle St.
McLaughlan, Palk Taos St.
McNulty, Palk 7th St.
McPherson, Jas. Main St.
McPherson, Wm Main St.
McTegue, Palk 7th St.
Merrick, H.S. Taos St.
Miller, Anthony Rose St.
Miller, C.J. Alvarado
Miller, John B. Cummings Home, Main St.
Mills, Eli Seventh St.
Milne, John Taos St.
Milne, R. E. Rose St.
Milne, Wm. B. Rose St.
Minger, W. C. Rose St.
Mitch, Joseph 7th St.
Mitchell, John Biddle St.
Molloy, Thos. Taos St.
Monyer, John Taos St.
Morgan, M.C. Main St.
Morris, I.A.. Taos St.
Morris, T.S. Saxon Mt.
Morrison, James Griffith St.
Nash, Harry Taos St.
Nash, Martin Alvarado
Nelson, Benj. Main St.
Nelson, Peter Rose St.
Nelson, R. Ed Taos St.
Neuman, Robt. 8th St.
Nicholas, C.J. Taos St.
Noone, Jas. A. Rose St.
North, John Griffith St.
Nulton, E.L. 7th St.
O’Donnell, M.P. Main St.
Oaks, Jacob Rose St.
Oklund, John Main St.
Olson, Olaf Main St.
Oman, M. Biddle St.
Ostlane, Chas. Main St.
Parker, H.C. Main St.
Parrott, Lawson Main St.
Perrin, Wm. Main St.
Peterson, August Biddle St.
Peterson, John Biddle St.
Peterson, John E. Griffith St.
Philbin, Rath 7th St.
Phillips, F.S. 7th St.
Phillips, Geo. M. Griffith St.
Phillips, I.F. Biddle St.
Phillips, John R. Rose St.
Pickett, U.C. 7th & Rose St.
Pitts, M.J. Taos St.
Post, A.W. 7th St.
Post, C.C. 7th St.
Post, H.S. 7th St.
Post, J.P. 7th St.
Powell, Sam Rose St.
Powers, D.M. Rose St.
Pratt, L.J. Griffith St.
Price, Thomas Main St.
Pulsifer, George 7th St.
Pulsifer, Joseph Biddle St.
Purcell, Charles 6th St.
Radcliffe, Wm. 7th St.
Ramey, E.C. 7th St.
Ramey, Thomas 7th St.
Reilly, Dan Biddle St.
Reilly, Michael Main St.
Renpo, John Griffith St.
Reynolds, R.P. Biddle St.
Reynolds, W.T. Griffith St.
Rhodes, W.P., Rev. Griffith St. 
Richado, A.M 8th St.
Richado, G.L. 8th St.
Richado, Joseph 7th St.
Richardson, W.H. Griffith St.
Roberts, Charley 7th St.
Roberts, Danl. Main St.
Roberts, H.H. Main St.
Robeson, Sol. Griffith St.
Rockwell, Lee Main St.
Rogers, Wm. Alvarado
Rose, James Taos St.
Runkle, C.D. Taos St.
Sallinger, James 7th St.
Salvardori, Peter Rose St.
Sanders, Peter Main St.
Santee, S.M. Biddle St.
Scherer, Jacob Rose St.
Schwartz, Guy Rose St.
Seaton, Alx. Main St.
Seckington, R.J. Taos St.
Seifried, Henry Taos St
Shafer, Fred Rose St.
Shavsha, W.H. Biddle St
Simpson, J.H. 7th St.
Sipes, Joshua Saxon
Sites, G.L. Taos St.
Smith, Potter 7th St.
Stahl, Ernest 6th St.
Steele, R.W. Main St.
Stewart, Chas. Main St.
Stewart, F.P. Taos St.
Stewart, G.W. Taos St.
Stewert, Chas. Main St..
Stone, Clark Main St.
Stover, S.L. Griffith St.
Stuart, John N. Main St.
Sullivan, Con. Rose St.
Summers, Louis 6th St.
Swanson, August Main St.
Swanson, Gustave Biddle St.
Symonds, J.H. Rose St.
Syvertson, Nils Alvarado
Taylor, John C. Griffith St.
Thomas, H.J. Taos St.
Thompson, J.A. Rose St.
Thompson, James Main St.
Thompson, Matt Taos St.
Timmons, L.D. 8th St.
Tishler, Morris Rose St.
Tomay, John Taos St.
Tong, J.W. Griffith St.
Tong, Montgomery Griffith St.
Townsend, W.A. Rose St.
Turner, John Rose St.
Turney, B.F. Main St.
Turney, James Main St. 
Turney, John Griffith St.
Turpin, C.D. Biddle St.
Twible, Daniel Griffith St.
Twining, H.A. Main St.
Tyson, J.M. Rose St.
Valentini, Constante Biddle St.
Valle, B.S. Rose St.
Villia, Toney Biddle St.
Volpe, Ru T. Main St.
Wagoner, Peter Main St.
Walther, William Griffith St.
Webster, Jos. Main St.
Weise, R.B. Biddle St.
Welch, Michael Taos St.
Welch, Michal Rose St.
Welch, Pat 7th St.
Welch, Polk 7th St.
Welch, Ulick Taos St.
Wells, C.F. Biddle St.
Werner, Ben Rose St.
Wick, Ulick 7th St.
Wilkinson, D.D. 10th St.
Wilkinson, D.D. Main St.
Wilkinson, Willard Main St.
Williams, Sydney Biddle St.
Williams, T.H.C. Rose St.
Wilson, D.R. Main St.
Wilson, Wm. Main St.
Wood, F.J. 6th St.
Wood, Wm.  Griffith St.
Woodard, J.H. Griffith St.
Woodley, Thomas Griffith St.
Wotapak, John 8th St.
Wynas, Fred Griffith St.
Yaeger, Isaac Taos St.