Idaho District Mining Index
Clear Creek County, Colorado
Click here for PDF of Idaho District Mining Index  (56 pages)
In this index, only people names were indexed and only names with property descriptions or sales were indexed.  The types of records found in the books are: Books A, B & C are mining claims; Book D is a justice docket with laws and meeting minutes; Book E is warrant deeds. 
Information which may be given for each record entry is the name of the property holder or owner or grantor, grantee or transfer to, Foothills Genealogical Society image page number, book page number, year and book volume.  All the original records were handwritten with many poorly written.  Letters that were difficult to distinguish in the hand written records were:  a & o, C & O, e & i, G & S, J & I, R & B, T & F, T & G, W & M and Y & G. 
Mining companies were not indexed although they may be given in the original records.  For information from the incorporation records for the mining companies, do a search of the Colorado State Archives Historical Records Database, 
Thanks to Foothills member Jerry Sherard for compiling this index.