1900, 1901, 1903, 1906, 1908
This index was extracted from copies of the original school census books provided by the Clear Creek County Archivist, Christine Bradley.  Wtihout her assistance this compilation would have been difficult to accomplish.
The census records list District Nineteen which encompasses the town of Alice, Clear Creek County, Colorado.  The original Clear Creek School Census records are now located at the Colorado State Archives.  The Archives are located at 1313 Sherman St., Denver, Colorado, 80203, telephone number 303-866-2358.  For further information check their web page at  They are "Preserving Colorado's Legal and Historical Records and Promotin their use by the Citizens of the World".
The age reported on the 1900, 1901, 1903, 1906, 1908 school census records were to be the age on the last birthdat prior to April 10th. 
Names of the students are indexed along with the age, and parent or guardian, if listed.  The ages and spellings that were given on the census are listed in the index, although they are apparently incorrect in some cases.
For the School years 1900, 1901, 1903, 1906, 1908 must be a resident of the School District Nine, Larmartine, Clear Creek County on April 10th.  Give age at last birthday prior to April 10th.
The names of all persons between the age of six and twenty-one years should be included in the census, no matter what may be their physical or mental condition.   Students in a private institution whose parents are non-residents of the district in which such institution is located, should not be included in the census of that district.
The student population is summarized by the number of males and females between the years 6 and 21 years,  a total of each gender and an over all total.  The summarization of Deaf Mutes and Blind students by gender between the ages of 4 and 22 years is also included.
The early Clear Creek School census for all schools in the county were published by the society as Vol. XII, Clear Creek County Colorado School Records 1890-1902 in 1992, indexed with 132 pages
STUDENT AGE PARENT or GUARDIAN 1900 1901 1903 1906 1908
Anderson, Elvira 11     X      
Anderson, Vera 10   X        
Anderson, Vera 13       X    
Barron, Percy 14   X        
Barron, Percy 15     X      
Barron, Percy 19       X    
Barron, Percy 20         X  
Barron, Willie 8   X        
Barron, Willie 8     X      
Barron, Willie 10       X    
Barron, Willie 13         X  
Barron, Willie 15 Barron, Chas         X
Bertorello, Angie 13     X      
Bertorello, Frank 7     X      
Bertorello, Joe 9     X      
Bruce, William G. 17       X    
Bryant, Cleo 9   X        
Bryant, Cleo 10     X      
Bryant, Maud 14     X      
Bryant, Maude 13   X        
Byrant, Ethel 7     X      
Conley, Hazel 10       X    
Conley, Lottie 7       X    
Corkett, May 18   X        
Eastmond, Beulah 6   X        
Forsberg, Theador 6         X  
Forseberg, Clara 10         X  
Foster, Fred 18     X      
Fredrickson, Arthur 20     X      
Graw, Willie 18   X        
Gregory, James 13         X  
Gregory, James 15 Marshall, G.          X
Gunstram, Eddie 7   X        
Gunstram, Edna 9   X        
Gunstrum, Clarence 6     X      
Gunstrum, Clarence 8       X    
Gunstrum, Eddie 10       X    
Gunstrum, Eddy 8     X      
Gunstrum, Edna 10     X      
Gunstrum, Edna 12       X    
Hall, Richard 19       X    
Hellman, Louis 11 Hellman, Frieda         X
Hellman, Will 18 Hellman, Frieda         X
Hicks, Amanda 7   X        
Hicks, Amanda 8     X      
Hicks, Manander 11     X      
Hicks, Manden 10   X        
Hicks, Teresa 12   X        
Hicks, Teresa 13     X      
Hopper, Elmer 6     X      
Hopper, Elmer 8       X    
Hopper, Harold 8     X      
Hopper, Harold 10       X    
Hopper, Harrold 7   X        
Hopper, Hilda 9   X        
Hopper, Hilda 10     X      
Hopper, Hilda 12       X    
Keast, Arthur 12   X        
Keast, Arthur 13     X      
Keast, Chas 20   X        
Keast, Florence 10   X        
Keast, Florence 11     X      
Lampshire, Myrtle 17   X        
Lampshire, Myrtle 18     X      
Lanning, Anna 9   X        
Lanning, Anna 10     X      
Lanning, Anna 12       X    
Lanning, Anna 15         X  
Lanning, Anna 17 Lanning, OE         X
Lanning, Maltida 10       X    
Lanning, Mathilda 14         X  
Lanning, Matilda 8   X        
Lanning, Rudolph 6   X        
Lanning, Rudolph 7     X      
Lanning, Rudolph 9       X    
Lanning, Rudolph 12         X  
Lanning, Tilda 9     X      
Lanning, Waldemar 6     X      
Lanning, Waldemar 11         X  
Lanning, Waldmer 8       X    
Lumberg, Hannah 15       X    
Lumberg, Jehart 12       X    
Lumberg, Sophia 11       X    
Lundberg, Gerhart 10     X      
Lundberg, Hanna  13     X      
Lundberg, Sophia 9     X      
Lundburg, Hannah 12   X        
Lundburg, Jerhardt 9   X        
Lundburg, Sophie 8   X        
Lundh, Leonard 15   X        
Lundh, Leonard 16     X      
Lundh, Levi 12   X        
Lundh, Levi 13     X      
Lundh, Malvina 10   X        
Lundh, Malvina 11     X      
Martinson, ? Edward 19       X    
Nelson, Nannie 20         X  
Oshea, Chas 17         X  
Oshea, Dennice 6         X  
Oshea, Frank   14       X    
Polkinghorn, Eddie 10   X        
Polkinghorn, Mathew 12   X        
Randell, Claude 10         X  
Stevens, Frank 16   X        
Stromberg, Albert 10       X    
Stromberg, Oscar 9       X    
Tarker, John 12     X      
Tarker, John 14       X    
Tasker, John 11   X        
Trembath, Albert 19   X        
Trembath, Bert 20     X      
Whyte, James 8   X