Gilpin County, Colorado
Justice Docket Book - August 1932 - April 1940
This Gilpin County Colorado Justice Docket Book dated 1933 - 1939 includes 200 pages for Civil court cases,
pages 1-198 and 246 & 247 and 41 pages 201 - 244 for Criminal cases. 
There are some pages missing and some pages intentionally pasted together. 
The pasted pages have been renumbered in the original docket book. 
Some of the pages are handwritten and some are difficult to read.
The book was photographed by Julie Neputi and Liz Burdick created the indexes
for the Civil and Criminal sections of the ledger.  Formatted  for our web page by Karen Overholt .
Foothills Genealogical Society wish to thank
David Forsyth, Ph. D.,
Executive Director and Curator
of the Gilpin County Historical Society's Museum
228 E. 1st High Street
Central City, Colorado 80427
Photographs of the pages are included after the index!