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This Registration was the 4th of 6 draft registrations conducted by the Selective Service System which commenced on April 27, 1942 and was terminated on March 31, 1947 by an act of Congress.  The purpose of this registration was to collect information on industrial capability and skills of men aged 45 to 64 who were born on April 18, 1877 through and including February 16, 1897. It was to designate the men which were not already in the military that could be utilized for national service if needed.
A description including race, height, weight, complexion and obvious physical characteristics are included on the back of the each card.  Papers or extra cards were attached to a few that may give more information about the individuals military history, decorations, citations, change of address or death.
Foothills Genealogical Society of Colorado members spent many months photographing the front of the cards of the men who lived in the State of Colorado at the time of registration. An index of the cards was then developed. The process of preparing the cards to be linked to the individual names in the index is slow and time consuming.  Not all of the men will have a card linked to his name at this time.  Foothills Genealogical Society will continue to add links to the photographs of the cards as they are processed.
Due to the fact that the names were frequently misspelled by the registrar and many entries were difficult to read, check various spellings of the last name.
Copies of both sides of the card may be obtained by writing the National Archives & Records Administration, National Archives - St. Louis, P.O. Box 38757, St. Louis, MO 63138-0757. The cost is $7.00.  The information needed to obtain a copy of the card is the man's full name, city and county of registration, and date of birth.

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