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What’s In a Name?

  • 11/30/2021
  • 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Zoom Meeting



This fun and informative talk begins with the Norman Conquest in England and continues to modern day surnames. You will hear about the history and evolution of surnames. Those difficult patronymic names are discussed along with remedies What’s countries used to try to eliminate them. Find out why there are so few surnames in Wales. It’s almost impossible to think of a world without surnames. Take a peek into that world and discover where so many of our surnames came from.

Diane Barbour, PLCGS, has been doing genealogy for about 20 years. In June 2012, she graduated from the National Institute of Genealogical Studies at the University of Toronto to earn her credentials of PLCGS or Professional Learning Certificate in Genealogical Studies. She attends Advanced Institutes yearly and has taught genealogy locally and nationally. Her first love is teaching. She is currently President of the Anthem Ranch Genealogical Society and is Vice- President of Boulder Genealogy. She has also been education coordinator for both groups. Diane volunteers for many jobs with other organizations. She has volunteered at the Denver Public Library and National Archives in Broomfield.

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