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Check out these upcoming opportunities to expand your genealogy knowledge!  Please check the website for more details and to register.

JUNE 2021

Court Records: Defendants, Judges. Jurors. Debras, and Social History

Wednesday, June 9th, 1:00 pm

Presented by Carol Cooke-Darrow for the Longmont Genealogical Society - https://longmontgenealogicalsociety.org/UpcomingPrograms.html

Jewish Migration in Europe

Sunday, June 13th, 10:00 am – 1200 pm

Presented by Avraham Groll, Executive Director of JewishGen for the Jewish Genealogical Society of Colorado - https://jgsco.org/eventListings.php?nm=20#er67

How to prepare for an out-of-town research trip

Thursday, June 17th, 6:30 pm

Presented by Kelli Bergheimer for the Larimer County Genealogical Society - https://www.lcgsco.org/events/how-to-prepare-for-an-out-of-town-research-trip/

Deep Dive: Passenger Records

Saturday, June 19th, 9:30 am – 12:00 pm

Presented by Sara Dawson for the Colorado Genealogical Society - https://cogensoc.us/programs.php#program

All in a Day's Work: Occupational Genealogical Research

Saturday, June 19th, 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Presented by Michael L. Strauss, AG for the Castle Rock Colorado Genealogical Society - https://crcgs.org/eventListings.php?nm=34#er194

Resources for Researching Your War of 1812 Ancestors Online

Wednesday, June 9th, 6:30 pm

Presented by Elizabeth Swanay O'Neal for the Pikes Peak Genealogical Society - https://ppgs.org/

It’s not online, the other 90% of records

Monday, June 21st, 6:30 pm

Presented by Suz Bates for the Broomfield Genealogical Society - https://broomfieldgensoc.com/

Wise Folk in The Colonial South

Saturday, June 26th, 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Presented by Marilyn Edwards-Roberts for the W.I.S.E. Family History Society -  https://wise-fhs.org/event/wise-folk-in-the-colonial-south/

JULY 2021

Courthouses and City Halls, OR What You Will Miss if You Never leave Your Computer

Thursday. July 1st, 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Presented by Dina Carson for Castle Rock Colorado Genealogical Society - https://crcgs.org/eventListings.php?nm=70#er202

Successful Collateral and Cluster Searching

Tuesday, July 6th, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Presented by Thomas MacEntee for the Boulder Genealogical Society https://www.bouldergenealogy.org/?page_id=1650&ai1ec=action~agenda|page_offset~1|request_format~html


Familysearch.org A deep dive into the world's largest free database

Wednesday, August 11th, 1:00 pm

Presented by Mark Fearer for the Longmont Genealogical Society - https://longmontgenealogicalsociety.org/UpcomingPrograms.html


Adams County Genealogical Society - https://sites.google.com/view/adamscountygenealogicalsociety/home?authuser=0

American Historical Society of Germans from Russia - https://www.ahsgr.org/

Aurora Genealogical Society of Colorado - https://auroragenealogysociety.webs.com/

Black Genealogical Search Group - https://bgsgden.org/

Boulder Genealogical Society - https://www.bouldergenealogy.org/

Broomfield Genealogical Society - https://broomfieldgensoc.com/

Castle Rock Colorado Genealogical Society - https://crcgs.org/

Colorado Chapter, Palatines to America (COPALAM) - https://www.copalam.us/

Colorado Genealogical Society - https://cogensoc.us/programs.php

Columbine Genealogical & Historical Society - https://columbinegenealogy.com/

Estes Park Genealogical Society - https://estesvalleylibrary.org/resources/lifetoolkits/estes-park-genealogical-society/

Fore-Kin Trails Genealogical Society - https://montrosecogenealogy.org/

Highlands Ranch Genealogical Society - https://hrgenealogy.wordpress.com/

Jewish Genealogical Society of Colorado - https://jgsco.org/

Larimer County Genealogical Society - https://www.lcgsco.org/

Longmont Genealogical Society - https://longmontgenealogicalsociety.org/

Mesa County Genealogical Society - https://www.mesacountygenealogy.org/

Mountain Genealogists Society - http://www.mountaingenealogists.org/

Parker Genealogical Society - http://sites.rootsweb.com/~copgs/index.html

Pikes Peak Genealogical Society - https://ppgs.org/

Southeastern Colorado Genealogical Society - https://www.secogensoc.org/

Southwest Colorado Genealogical Society - https://www.swcogen.org/

Swedish Genealogical Society of Colorado - https://www.swedgensoc.org/

Wales Ireland Scotland England Family History Society (W.I.S.E.) - https://wise-fhs.org/

Weld County Genealogical Society - http://sites.rootsweb.com/~cowcgs/index.html 

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