Do you have a favorite family story, researched an interesting family, person or historical place?

This is the place to share it with others.

Articles, stories, biographical sketches and places of genealogical interest are welcome!  The author does not have to be a member of our society.  Articles are not limited to the four counties of research interest to FhGS (Clear Creek, Gilpin, Jefferson and Park counties), nor do they have to pertain to Colorado.

Manuscripts or articles should be documented and will be subject to editorial review. 

Please include contact information and permission to publish.

Your manuscript may be sent by email to info@foothillsgenealogy.com or snail mailed to

Foothills Genealogical Society of Colorado, Inc., P.O. Box 150382, Lakewood, CO 80215-0382.

Heirloom by Ron Rich

Joseph A. Postulka Story by Joanne Williams

My Grandmother Mary - Was She a Witch or Was She Just Crazy? by Gaye Buzbee Jacobs

Looking for Hollows in Colorado by Carla Garner

A Kid, Lost and Found by Gaye Buzbee Jacobs

Take a Look at Revising An Old Document by Ann Ramage

Searching Ship Passenger List by Ann Ramage

Find-A-Grave Search Methods by Ann Ramage

Letters Tell the Story of Women of the American West by Rita Krabach Blake

George Buzbee Stagecoach and Death by Gaye Buzbee Jacobs

John Alexander Ramage by Ann Ramage

Burdick Civil War Letters Sent Home by Liz Burdick

Lemuel Flower Stagecoach Pioneer by Barbara Lewellen

Even an Obit Can "Breath Life" into an Ancestor by Liz Burdick (newspaper article)

Dirty and Stuck by Gaye Buzbee Jacobs

Hannah by Debi Clark

A Tailing Tale of Oliver and Sarah J. Feay by Linda Able

The Outlaw by Gaye Buzbee Jacobs

Two Cowboys by Gaye Buzbee Jacobs

John Madden from Sancreed Cornwall by Carla Garner

Roots 2.0 by George Kourkouliotis

Roots and Family Trees by George Kourkouliotis

One of Granny's True Tales, According to Jack by Gaye Buzbee Jacobs

My Papou by George Kourkouliotis

A Love Letter From a Sailor by Gaye Buzbee Jacobs

Pioneers Along the South Branch of the South Platte River in Colorado by Opal Kendall Longino

Knights of Pythias Cemetery Crawl by Dennis Mayfield

Searching for the Native American Bloodline in our Family by Donna J. Porter

What a Tombstone May Not Tell You by Liz Burdick

My Mother in 1923 -- Really?? by Liz Burdick

The Search for a Grandmother by Shari McAdams

Uncle Cass and the Emperor of Mexico by Gaye Buzbee Jacobs

John Prowse - When He Passed by Carla Garner

McManus Family Adventures in Coming to America by Ann Ramage

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