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Pam Heath has compiled a summary of Foothills Genealogy Society for the 40th Anniversary in 2020




Be sure to check out a summary of FhGS 40th Anniversary at the bottom of this page.

"40 Years and the Dream Continues!"


The Foothills Genealogical Society of Colorado, Inc. is the result of the dreams, planning and work of five Lakewood, Colorado women with a common interest in genealogy.  Evelyn Carlson, Dixie Sandy, Louise Friedman, Janet Graham and Betty Kaufman had enjoyed genealogy and each others company.  All five women joined the Columbine Genealogical Society in Littleton and attended the meetings twice a month.  In October of 1979 Janet, Evelyn, Louise and Dixie went on a research trip to Salt Lake City with the Columbine Society.  It was on this trip that Dixie and Janet came up with the suggestion that perhaps a club should be started in Lakewood.  They felt there was a need for such a club and each knew people who had expressed an interest in genealogy.  In May of 1980 the five women met as a steering committee at the home of Janet Graham.  Betty Kaufman had the most experience with this kind of organization and was truly a "guiding light".  In the ensuing weeks, plans were formulated, by-laws written, incorporation papers filed and received, sales tax license received, meeting room located, programs planned, publicity initiated, etc.  It was a busy time!


The first meeting was held September 10, 1980 in a meeting room at the Jefferson County Public Library, 20th and Miller St.  There was an overflow crowd at the 1st meeting, approximately 85 people attended.  The meeting place was soon changed to a larger space at the First Presbyterian Church.  As of December 1, 1980 Foothills had 86 members and the dreams, planning and work of five Lakewood women came true!!


Classes were given for beginning, intermediate and advanced genealogy.  Trips were scheduled to Salt Lake City to do research and both classes and trips have been offered for the last thirty years.  Foothills Genealogical Society of Colorado, Inc. (FhGS) continues to be an active society and presently has 200 members.


Charter Members

(*denotes founding members)

Rachel Adams Hildegard Johnson
Sue Amberg Kathryn V. Johnson
Flip Amick Gwendolyn A. Kase
Charleen H. Arnold Betty Kaufman*
Trish Beattie Jean Kelly
Betty J. Bergeson Opal Kendall
Jacqueline Bisant Rilla Knutson
O.M. & Ruth Bishop Gertrude L. Kordziel
Joe Bristol Dorothy Kyler
Liz Burdick Maxine Lacy
Bill & Evelyn*Carlsen Richard & Marian Leonard
Velma Churchill Velma Lundstrom
Marguarite Connolly Gene Marshall
Barbara Courtright Ernest P. Mills
Bessie C. Davis Ann-Mari Morris
John & Margaret Davis Joan P. Murphy
Kirbie Dempsey Lynn Nicholas
Annabel Depaulo Rhoda C. Nicol
Marjorie Donnelly Elizabeth & Gale Oliver
Betty A. Dougherty Margaret M. Porter
Bobbi Dreyer Betty Parsons
Joan Eakins Elena Q. Ramer
Elma Eason Betty Rodgers
Roy & Helen East Cindy Rogers
Gladys Eckford Jerry Sander
Lolita Egbert Dixie Sandy*
Sarah Eoyang William Scheeley
Celeste Fox Janet Shane
Louise Friedman* Florence L. Shaw
Judy Geise Kathy Shirley
Jo Anne Gilmore Doris B. Smith
Madeline R. Gloret Phoebe Smith
Meta G. Goodin Lorane Sutphin
Mabel Goodin Fae Tarrant
Jeannette Gott Adeline E. Tefft
Janet Graham* Margaret Turner
Sandra Guenther Winnie Votaw
Claire E. Hagen Martha Warren
Capitola S. Henry Irene Whalen
Alice Jacober

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