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FhGS Show & Tell 2024 - Second Annual

  • 05/08/2024
  • 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Applewood Valley United Methodist Church

Back by Popular Demand

Show & Tell 2.0

Last year’s Show & Tell event was so popular with both the presenters and those who attended the event that we will once again have a Show & Tell event at next year’s Potluck General Meeting on May 8, 2024. Last year, our members presented displays featuring stories of ancestors who: traveled to the New World from both Europe and the Far East; recipes and cooking strategies by ancestors on the move across the country; Civil War artifacts and the stories about their owners; heroes of WWII; one story of a family’s eight generations in Colorado; one member’s Native American roots and the story of tracing down her ancestral lands; and sundry books, quilts, postcards, letters, diaries, photos, newspaper clippings, and coins unearthed by the meticulous efforts of several of our Society members over the past 50 or so years.

Last year we had 14 presenters sign up for the event and we are looking to see if we can get at least that many again next spring. If you gave a presentation last year and would like to do so once again, you are more than welcome to participate.  We are hoping to get more of you folks who mentioned that you might have a story to share with the membership as well.  We would really like to hear from you this time.

As with last year, presenters will be manning their tables after the potluck luncheon and business portion of the General Meeting, and you will be free to browse the displays and talk with the members about their findings.  Maybe you will learn more about a part of history that you didn’t know before. Perhaps you will see some objects you have never seen before. But better yet, maybe you will be inspired to try to look just a little bit harder for that one item of interest that has alluded you to this point in hope that it will be discovered on your next journey along your genealogical path. Whatever the case, please join us for an afternoon of discovery that will celebrate the fruits of the genealogist’s labor.

To be a presenter at the May 8, 2024 Show & Tell -  email archives@foothillsgenealogy.org 

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