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FhGS Website Class

  • 03/27/2024
  • 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Zoom Session Only

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Have you ever wondered why Foothills Genealogical Society has a website?

What does the website contain and how can I find it?

What information is hidden under the Members Only?

The purpose of the class is to find answer to those questions and by provide an overview of the Foothills Genealogical Society (FhGS) website. Many changes have occurred since this new website was created. We will discuss some of those changes. The class will show how and where to find information on the website that might benefit your genealogy research. Even if you do not have ancestors in this area, you will discover the information that hundreds of volunteers have amassed and contributed to FhGS over the past 44 years. You will also find interesting stories written by members about their ancestors that settled in this area.

The class will include specific examples of information that can be discovered on the website. You will learn through examples how to navigate to find the information you are seeking.  After a brief introduction and overview, a discussion of how the Membership Module works and helps keep everyone informed. Next, a discussion of how the Event Management works will be presented.  Finally, a quick review of the YouTube videos that are available for viewing by members.  The next section of the class will be devoted to more of the Members Only pages on the website.

Members will find information about the organization, the FhGS Inquirer, Newsletters, and much more.  The class will cover some new areas of the website where you can explore Cemeteries, Cemetery Records, and Preservation Committee Records. How to navigate these databases and discover information related to your search results will be presented.

Finally, we will look at the County Records – both Public and for Members Only that are posted on the website.

It is a lot to cover in one class. A Q&A session at the end of the class will cover topics and questions not addressed during the class.

The class is for FhGS members and our guests.

Instructor Bio

Russ Hamilton has been a member of FHGS since 2012 and serves as newsletter editor and webmaster. He has blended his background in Information Technology with his love of genealogy.  He enjoys learning and sharing new ways that technology can assist us on our genealogy quest.. 

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